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Competition Is Forcing Austerity On Lufthansa


Frankfurt Airport: Lufthansa must save

Lufthansa German Airlines is suffering from the growing strength of low-cost competitors – now the company is bringing consequences. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, severe cutbacks are planned: to be canceled and routes operated until 2014, no additional aircraft.

Hamburg – The business of Deutsche Lufthansa falls increasingly under pressure from one side of cheap competitors such as Ryanair press, on the other hand, the big airlines in the Gulf region. Now the largest German airline, is planning to information obtained by SPIEGEL, much tougher cuts than was previously suspected.

The employees of the branch passage have received mail from her supreme chief, Carsten Spohr. This explains the Lufthansa Executive Board, as he wants in the Lufthansa airline business in the coming years to save nearly one billion euros – and encourages support of the staff.

In such manner as originally provided otherwise, no additional aircraft operated until 2014 and unprofitable routes are deleted. Connections from the hub of Frankfurt were in the Indian Hyderabad and Calcutta and Guangzhou in China already set. Now also targets such as Nanjing and Bangkok are on trial.

At airports outside the Lufthansa hubs Frankfurt and Munich are cheap and the in-house subsidiary German Wings still cooperate closely. Especially hard-fought long haul routes, the Group only with jets in a two-class configuration, use, without first-class compartments. Parallel to this is to be checked whether there should be even with the Lufthansa long an upgraded economy class, as they have long been competitors.

On Thursday evening, had also Roland Busch, chief financial officer of Lufthansa Passage division prompted the airport to help in saving the airlines: "The infrastructure charges shall be reduced permanently by 10 percent to 20 percent of the airports," he said. Faced with rising fuel prices and ever new taxes and fees, the airlines could the necessary savings in air transport services anymore alone.

"The site costs suck the success of our own savings programs over and over again," said Busch, who mitdurchsetzt at Lufthansa now the multibillion dollar cost-cutting program "score". This will reduce Europe’s largest airline costs by 2015 by at least 1.5 billion euros to get air for investment in new and more fuel-efficient aircraft.

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