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Comrades gather evidence against Commerzbank


Die Commerzbank soll Kunden mit Kampfpreisen anlocken. Quelle: Reuters

Commerzbank is to attract customers with competitive prices . Source: Reuters

HB BERLIN / FRANKFURT. Since 2009, some people report their banks and a leading organization in BVR , if in their view, the Commerzbank in retail and corporate banking with " predatory pricing " compete. Should the messages pile up , the BVR wanted the documents to the State Bank rescue funds provide Soffin .

Targeting the cooperative institutions had not only the Commerzbank, but also other state-supported credit houses. In the savings bank association DSGV said on request only , we have criticized in the past, such an approach – such as Commerzbank – . The market is being watched very closely.

Commerzbank had been in the years 2008 and 2009 – shortly after the takeover of the ailing Dresdner Bank – by the taxpayer on the Soffin with a total of € 18.2 billion saved from collapse. Soffin aids were also many regional banks and the fully nationalized real estate financier Hypo Real Estate ( HRE ).

A Commerzbank spokesman pointed to the tight corset from Brussels for state help: "We are not allowed by EU support , in business or product , where we have more than five percent market share, better than to be the three most aggressive competitors . ‘is also ‘ the market share of public banks in the retail business for many years in decline " – that had nothing to do with the strengthening of Commerzbank ‘s capital.

A report in the Financial Times Germany " According to complain about co-operative banks and savings banks that Commerzbank to offer favorable terms – although they import one billion loss in 2009 and pays no interest on government funds. According to the newspaper threatens Germany’s second largest bank in trouble with the EU Commission, it should be able to demonstrate the comrades violations.

Commerzbank complained , however, also turn on the credit terms of savings banks and regional banks . "The pressure also comes from the public sector, " Commerzbank recently criticized SME Board Markus Beumer.