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CORRECTION: UK / Institute of Health NICE recommends funding MabThera Roche


The message must be sent, at 8.04 clock in the last paragraph is correct read: "Bristol-Myers Squibb" and not "Bristol-Myers Sqipp. The following is a revised and expanded version.)
LONDON (Dow Jones) – The British Health Department has NICE for the inclusion of funds "MabThera" Roche Holding AG in the list of reimbursable drugs pronounced. The drug is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in Adults in combination with standard treatment Been "recommended methotrexate," NICE said on Wednesday. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to examine drug the costs and benefits. Without a positive opinion of the NICE the cost of drugs by the National Health Service in the Generally not reimbursed.
The recommendation of MabThera was provisional, a second Round of consultation to stand. The current recommendation applies to patients on other drugs have not responded well. MabThera is in Than Europe under the name "rituximab," and in the U.S. "Rituxan" marketed.
Only further research is recommended to implement NICE Also the drug "Humira" Abbott Laboratories Inc, "Etanercept" by Wyeth Inc, operating under the name "Enbrel"-packaged is, and the Schering-Plow drug "infliximab", the sold as ‘Remicade’ is.
The application of the remedy "Orencia" by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. did not support the Health Department because it is too expensive was.


Website: www.nice.org.uk

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