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daughter jumped onto the driver’s seat


DÜSSELDORF. Her father, Helmut Claas do with 84 years of free space for the only child and is only normal member of the board of the family business from his Harsewinkel in East Westphalia . The change of the 34 -year – Claas Mühlhäuser , which has recently become a mother of a son , even to the top of the still more important shareholder committee is expected to follow soon.

"I practice a very active role of shareholders , " added the confident young woman described her role some time ago. It got to feel some already experienced managers . endure forever, that the granddaughter of the founder, told them not only their opinion but also pointed the direction.

Claas Mühlhäuser familiar from her grandfather founded in 1913 enterprise with nearly three billion euros in sales and 9000 employees very well , eventually the home is adjacent to the premises. After studying business administration in Switzerland and some years in the electrical engineering company ABB is now in the past seven years, Claas.

Whether it will change again in the operative management , it has always left open. Even now , the post of Chairman of the Board – as for some years now – aware , are kept free, even should a change be necessary. But is the direction of the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of harvesters Claas Mühlhäuser before that way.