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Deep divisions between the defense industry and politics


HB BERLIN. "We expect more than silence ! " asked Claus Günther , Director of Department of Defense Diehl Holding, at the Handelsblatt Conference Security Policy and Defence Industry " by Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU ). The dialogue between policy , administration and industry to industry policy was only " minimal " . In fact, he seems not allowed by the defense minister . According to his own refusal to participate in the conference , avoided his most important State , Walther Otremba , the conversation with the arms supplier of the armed forces – and turned down .

Guttenberg and Otremba escaped a true nightmare scenario about the state of the defense industry since the black -yellow government takeover. Representing the business community, particularly the medium -sized enterprises, shone Günther from the horror : "The crisis is in the defense industry has not fully arrived: The order book give a false impression of security, new projects will be reduced, deleted , moved decisions. The contract in the internal market has collapsed. Accessible international markets do not grow or shrink. "

Because of the " lack of strategic perspective, the industry response and reduction of personnel, said Guenther . Irrevocable loss of expertise , including the loss of international cooperation and competitiveness is the result , enforce, and thus diminishing opportunities in the global market common goals. The companies are missing the economic insight of the German defense policy – unlike the one in France , Britain or Italy – . that political support was essential in a political market, an export promotion , however, completely lacking in Germany .

"You hear : shopping time in Germany Yes , true, but only for foreign companies, " added Gerhard Schempp , Chief Manager of the "ESG "- electronics and logistics company , the general lament. Schempp spoke of "turbulent times " , the "dramatic changes " entail . " We are in a struggle for survival . There must be an exodus from Germany . "

Detlev Selhausen had as a department head in the arms of Defense no enviable job, resentment ( the silent groups ), particularly the medium to appease . As Inspector-General Volker Wieker the previous day returned also Selhausen the allegations against the public purchasers , first by pointing to the lack of reliability of the industry in recent decades too late , too expensive and almost always with power shortages have this delivered . In fact, now everything must be done so Selhausen that not only survive the corporations ("system houses ") , but also the " powerful "last year. But in principle, its solution is significant for future arms procurement in Germany and Europe – and probably also by Guttenberg : " The states should only order what they need. "