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Dekras new captain loves the team game


Der neue Dekra-Chef Stefan Kölbl gibt ein hohes Wachstumstempo vor.

The new Dekra chief Stefan Kölbl sets a high growth rate.

STUTTGART. The former amateur footballer Stefan Kölbl With just under 1.90 meters for the Gardemaß a rugged central defender and captain. And reveals the slight bend in the nose that he’s a guy who in difficult situations, neither the foot nor feeds back the head. His tactical and strategic talent, he has seemingly effortlessly transferred from football to professional life – has become Kölbl with 42 years chief of the Dekra.

For a bit like the situation in December 2009 at Europe’s largest Prüfkonzern the German national soccer team last weekend, when captain Michael Ballack was injured badly. Almost overnight, lost its chief executive Klaus Schmidt Dekra for health reasons. He had led the group as a supporting character to the European top. After the failure of the Stars is the responsibility of the young talent has been transferred. Economist Kölbl received within two weeks of the Schmidts leaving the armbands, all operational division heads are now on the board.

The French almost the same boss Mark Thoma moved to the start of the board as well as Jörg Mannsperger and Jack Clement. And the team spirit seems to be true: No matter whom you address at the annual conference of the change, everyone seems happy with the new boss. "You must not now as it used to constantly beat up his heels," says one manager Dekra the new mood. Kölbl it depends on a good system and order. And the first results seem to him right to give.

At the annual conference, he fiddles while initially a bit nervous at the documents on the lectern and betrays a degree of excitement. But the native of Nuremberg can not ultimately make the right choices. No wonder, as well as a former head of the Kölbl has foreign Prüfgeschäfts instrumental in the successful expansion of Dekra. The important entry in Brazil was his baby.

And with the acquisition of the Swedish power plant auditor AF-AB control for almost 60 million euros in March, he has shown that the pace of expansion of his predecessor, he probably can not push. "We have shown strength and stay on the fast lane," said Koelbl, who moved a decade ago after a U.S. management consultancy Stuttgart. The war chest is more than € 500 million full. For 2010, aiming at a double-digit sales growth Dekra. Half is to be realized on the acquisition. In the crisis year of 2009, suggested that the European market leader bravely in-vehicle testing. Group sales rose by 7.2 percent to more than 1.7 billion euros, while earnings by two percent to 102 million euros. The number of employees has increased worldwide by 1800 to approximately 22 000th Of these 1200 employees were added through acquisitions. In the current year will again Dekra create up to 700 jobs. Especially abroad, new employees are hired. In total, 60 percent of Dekra employees in Germany.

Sales in the first four months despite the harsh winter is a 587 m by 5.5 percent year on year. The goal is a double-digit growth by year end. Self-confident and unpretentious Kölbl bears the ambitious goal – his style is straightforward. "It is no coincidence that he is our new boss," says one employee.

The fact that he lives near the airport, probably in the many international events of advantage. Only he has a chance to make it to now and still loved to kick leisure with friends – or to see a game of his eldest son in the Bambini.