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DGAP-Media: ELMOS Semiconductor AG: IO-Link transceivers released for mass production


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Semiconductor industry for intelligent networks – EMC Tests and skills successfully
Dortmund: ELMOS Semiconductor AG, the mass production of the IO-Link Transceiver module E981.10 started. IO-Link is an inexpensive Communication system for point-to-point connection of sensors and actuators with Remote IOs in the industrial sector. The E981.10 allows continuous transmission of process data, as well as parameter and Diagnostic data to the lowest level of automation. Development work of E981.10 were now on track with the qualification and the final EMC tests (electromagnetic Compatibility) when the FTZ Zwickau (Science and Technology Association) has finished. The official Test Report of the FTZ Zwickau is available on request available. Pattern of the block and an evaluation board are available now available and can over www.elmos.de / products / order-samples be requested.
The IC is compatible with existing standard IO mode Interfaces, i.e. the use of existing wiring is possible. The Parameters of the IO-Link-enabled sensors and actuators can — thanks to central parameter storage – convenient and fast jump from the control level for each individual IO-Link device be configured.
The device operates over a wide supply voltage range from 8 to 36V. The output driver is a current of up to 200mA to Make available. The above example for today usual standard IO applications are included. The driver is a low side, high-side or push-pull and has a configurable Reverse polarity and over current protection.
The slope of the chip is switchable and has a highly optimized and reduced noise emission, thus contributing to Reduction of Noise Emission in the system with. A Data transfer is at a speed of up to 230.4 kbit / s possible. The E981.10 also has an integrated 5V voltage regulator and a wake-up detection. The digital interface is 3.3 V / 5V kompatibel.Der module is a single transceiver at ELMOS and as SIP (system in a Package) with an NEC microcontroller, NEC Electronics available. In the case of the SIP solution, the transceiver uses a 16-bit microcontroller 78K0R together, which inter alia the protocol implementation assumes.
For more information, datasheets and samples please send an email to sales@elmos.de with the subject ‘IO-Link’ or visit our website: www.elmos.de / products / know-how / io-link.html
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