DGAP-News: Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd.: Two CFCL BlueGen equipment to DVGW Institute


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    Demonstration of a fuel cell system of the Australian-German manufacturer in the primary home of the Gas heat Institute (GWI) in food and laboratory test at DBI Gas Technological Institute GmbH in Freiberg.
    The German Association of Gas and Water Industry Association (DVGW), established in Bonn and the Australian-German developer for Fuel Cell Technology Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL), based in Heinsberg (NRW) cooperate in the development of fuel cell systems. These are two BlueGen plants of CFCL in May to the Gas heat Institute (GWI) and DBI Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH (DBI-GTI) delivered.
    GWI and DBI-GTI BlueGen the equipment at the Institute locations in Essen and Freiberg install, there on functionality and test efficiency and such a valuable know-how in dealing with this new technology to win. At the same time serve the pilot as a demonstration and training tool in the Gas technology innovation offensive "of the DVGW. The purpose of this is the DVGW Initiatvie Strengthening the technological base for the energy source gas regarding climate protection, energy efficiency and innovation.
    BlueGen is the latest addition to energy based on the CFCL fuel cell technology for stationary European use. The devices in the size of a Dishwasher use natural gas as a fuel and convert this into electrical power and Heat. The current can be used directly in buildings or in the public network are fed. The heat is also useful for Used for heating and hot water and then the fuel used energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. An innovative solution to Based combined heat and power with great potential. In the Combination with a conventional heat source, the entire Heat of a house covered.
    In comparison with separate electricity and heat production can significantly through the use of BlueGen plants, CO2 emissions be reduced. In the area of micro-CHP fuel cell systems offer while the greatest environmental benefits. The Of CO2 emissions drop by about 30 percent. The use of biogas, the CO 2 balance improving further.
    About the DVGW The DVGW – German Association of Gas and Water Industry e.V. –
    Technical-scientific association promotes – the gas and Water industry in technical and technical-scientific point of view. Since 150 years, the DVGW for safety and Quality standards in the gas and water tray and is a platform for the interdisciplinary, technology-oriented experience.
    Its members include the DVGW each with more than 1700 Utility companies, 1300 companies in the Gas and Water, 200 institutions and 9000 individual members. www.dvgw.de
    About Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited a global leader in the development of Technologies for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), which reliable, economical and low-emission electricity from good Available in natural gas supply. The company provides small-scale micro CHP (Combined heat and power systems), the combined domestic and other buildings Electricity and heat. Ceramic Fuel Cells is developing products with leading application partners and energy suppliers in Germany, France, Britain and Japan. In 2009, the company will be Product ‘BlueGen presented’. CFCL has its headquarters in Melbourne and Subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. In October 2009 the Companies in the industrial upper break in Heinsberg (NRW) a Production plant for mass production of so-called fuel cell stacks inaugurated. The company is on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange (symbol CFU). www.cfcl.com.au
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