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DGAP-News: Commodities AG Genesis: Genesis Commodities AG announces change in Board


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KÜSNACHT, Switzerland. The shareholders of Genesis Commodities AG under the a.o. General Assembly in Zurich on 21.12.09 expected, Dr. Johannes (Hans) Hermann Hüning elected new President of the Board and while Mr. Torsten Ingwersen with great thanks from the office adopted.
Economist Dr. Hans Hermann Hüning brings extensive Experience as a former tax and financial adviser at the international level and foreign investments and has excellent contacts to the financial world. He has been with the mining industry for over 40 Had close links. Dr. Hüning received his education and University education in Germany and Austria. Dr. Hans Hermann Hüning on 25.01.10 was officially registered in the Swiss Commercial Register and since then has performed with the Company’s operations his fellow Board members Mr. Louis M. Grosjean.
About Genesis Commodities AG:
The Genesis Commodities Ltd. is a diversified Resource company with the operational priorities of gold, silver and precious stones, its essential properties and investments already in the immediate pre-production phase are. The Genesis Commodities AG is like Xstrata PLC (LSE: XTA.L and SWX: XTA.S), which Glencore International AG, and like many other international groups in the political neutral Switzerland worked out. The management of Genesis Commodities AG believes that as early as 2010 with the production and Promotion of significant quantities of raw materials is begun and in this way in addition to the already existing and several billion euros valuable assets also very significant operating income generated will. As a Swiss limited company (share capital: CHF 30,100,000, -) feels that the traditional companies, particularly value and less risky strategy required, without compromising the Benefits of growth-oriented growth strategy out of sight let. Sustainability and long-term strategic considerations for the benefit of all shareholders are therefore the ideas and the Actions of all leaders of Genesis Commodities AG.
Genesis Commodities AG Chrummwisstrasse 30 8700 Küsnacht Switzerland
Dr. Hans Hermann Hüning Chairman
Phone: +41 44 91208-89 Fax: +41 44 91208-88
E-mail: info@genesis-commodities.com Twitter: Genesis_MB3
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