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DGAP-News: Dolphin Capital AG (demn. UP!) Ltd.: – Expansion of the license area, strengthening of shareholders’ equity


Release of a Corporate News, transmitted by DGAP – A MARKET WIRE. For the content of Communication is the issuer / publisher responsible.
Munich, 22.03.2010 – The Dolphin Capital AG (demn. UP! AG), exclusive licensee of the functional drinks UP! for DEGREE Germany and Austria could pursue a means of Option to extend the licensed area in several countries. The exclusive Distribution law now also extends to the countries of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Great Britain.
The expansion of the sales territory strengthens Equity side by the value of the new license by EUR 1.75 million and equity to Stand 31.12.2009 shall be made so that current views of some EUR 2.5 million
‘For the ongoing talks with the internationally active chains is an extension of the sales area constitute an important element, "says CEO Stefan Munster. Similar products local languages are in preparation. Moreover, the expansion of product portfolio planning.
The cooperation with the music channel has started well into iMusic1.tv 2010. But in January, was the successful 50-second UP! GRADE Commercial with a media value of over EUR 250.000, – on the Channel broadcast several times a day to the best of times. ‘The Response was overwhelmingly positive, especially in the field of Wholesale ‘. The campaign will be continued at least until the end of the year and facilitates the entry and especially in the sales or on said chain stores. In parallel with discussions are other TV stations from Germany and other countries run.
The Dolphin Capital AG has been at the meeting of 17 December 2009 by Dolphin Capital AG in UP! AG renamed. The entry of new name is registered in the commercial and will shortly . done
Additional information:
The market for alcoholic beverages is currently experiencing in the field of traditional energy drinks a turning point. Called ‘Energy Shots’ to lure the consumer with a small and concentrated Dosage form. But it is and remains an energy drink.
UP! is this attempt, the classic energy drink on a breathe small, concentrated dose of new life, not kill.
The UP! Although products also meet the Convenience needs of small, convenient dosage form borders, but on the ingredients and thus on the mode of operation clear of Pure energy drink from. It is therefore a ‘functional drinks’ — Drinks with function. Body and mind are in a very natural Manner suggested. By the use of special plant extracts possible the orientation of the function of each UP! DEGREE various Needs.
UP! DEGREE represent the next generation of functional Food
( ‘Functional foods’) for the daily needs dar. UP! presents the products under the highest quality standards manufactures and sells them through various distribution partners in Germany and abroad.
Important Note:
This ad-hoc communication / Corporate News / Press release contains, among other things forward-looking statements based on assumptions and Estimates of the management of the UP! AG are based. Even if the Management is of the opinion that these assumptions and estimates are accurate, future actual Developments and future actual results of these Assumptions and estimates due to various factors significantly different. These factors can, for example, the Changes in the macroeconomic situation, exchange rates, the Interest rates and changes in the market and the to include changes in the competitive situation.
The UP! AG assumes no responsibility and no Liability that the future development and the Actual results achieved in future with this ad hoc Communication / Corporate News / Press release assumptions and Estimates are consistent.