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DGAP-News: Film producer Skorpion Entertainment AG enters the trading floor


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Film Scorpion Entertainment AG enters the Trading floor
Zurich, February 19, 2010 – The Scorpion Entertainment AG (TSX: A0Q86U /
ISIN: CH0045325559 / Symbol: MO4) – formerly trading as Mobile Finance Ltd. – is pleased to announce that the shares of the Company in This week, for the continuous trading on the electronic Trading platform Xetra (R) has been approved. A Frankfurt Wertpapierhandelsbank was acting as designated sponsor of the Scorpion’s shares on the electronic trading platform Xetra (R) is involved.
The Scorpion Entertainment AG has recently emerged from the 2008-listed corporate shell of the Mobile Finance AG and has its Headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). The main business of the Company is in the film and media business. This includes the own production and marketing of products and trade and the Licensing of film rights.
Scorpio Entertainment will be by a very experienced Management team led, which over many years of experience in the Film industry and has numerous reference demonstrate Productions can. With the film ‘goy The Movie’ (www.goythemovie.com), the Scorpio has Entertainment AG, a very promising film in the portfolio, established by Partners Accomm Entertainment was produced. This film has the Potential in the current fiscal year on strong sales, and bringers the first successful production of the new Scorpion Entertainment to . ongoing evolution By mid-2010 more promising productions should be completed.
Felix Kersting, Sales Manager of Scorpion Entertainment comments: Thanks to the stock quote to us to open many new Doors this year to pursue global expansion. Our excellent contacts in Europe and particularly in the U.S. allow us access to quality productions and promising Projects, with their acquisition and implementation of our rapid ascent to achieve successful newcomer in the industry want. We are investing and License selective, when we speak of the prospects for success of projects are satisfied and achieve superior returns able. "
Marc Schaumburg, Acquisition Manager of Scorpion Entertainment explains: Our extensive expertise in the field of film financing We want to make more intensive use in the future and are aiming to date the Establishing a subsidiary to film financing with one of our Partners in the USA. In addition, we also see the good Growth potential for our other business audio and Music production and audio book. "
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Through Xetra (R)
The electronic trading system Xetra (R) is one of the world powerful systems for the trading of more than 300,000 international Financial instruments. This includes, for example within the 30 blue-chip values DAX Index, the 50 values of the mid-cap MDAX index and the 50 values from the Small Cap SDAX index. The minimum order size for all securities is one unit.
Xetra (R) has a market share of over 90 percent of the Stock trading, and with round-trip times of less than 2 milliseconds of one of the fastest trading systems in the world. Financial institutions Securities firms and brokers can on Xetra (R) attend – trade, with Xetra (R), regardless of location work. This allows a International Participation: More than 130 participants from the act European countries on Xetra (R).
About Scorpio
The Scorpion Entertainment AG, with headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) specializes in the purchase, financing, licensing and Distribution of entertainment media, especially movies, Books or audio books and TV series specialized.
The stock is currently at the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and traded on the XETRA electronic market.
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