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DGAP-News: Hybrid Solar AG: Strong Players in the solar energy market


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hybrid solar AG: Strong Players in the solar energy market
concludes framework contract with the hybrid solar-energy Hamburg Solar, Co Ltd for the supply of Photovoltaic Systems in the amount of ten MW
Brilon / Markranstädt, January 21, 2010: in Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, solar hybrid AG (ISIN: DE000A0LR456) is the realization of a Lighthouse project of the city of Hamburg for the production of clean electricity significantly involved. As a project of Solar Energy Hamburg Betriebs-GmbH established in 2010, hybrid solar photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 10 megawatts. Thus, the company made an additional Contract value of approximately 25 million euros. The delivery of the equipment on the leased municipal and private roof areas are built to be agreed fixed price. ((
solar hybrid relies on a holistic approach and covers a General, the area selection, hiring, planning, Detailed design and project management starting. The Hamburg-megawatt project is also the first major building block in the recently concluded Partnerships with Suntech Power and Enerparc AG. How come the high-quality Photovoltaic modules from Suntech, the world leader in terms of production volume kristallinnen of solar modules. Enerparc supported solar hybrid in the planning and project management.
The Hamburg plant Solar Energy Ltd. is a subsidiary of 60% Energy Hamburg GmbH, an indirect 100% subsidiary of the Hanseatic City-term Hamburg. The current inter-AG, an investor and producer in the field renewable energy and affiliates of solar hybrid, is at 40% Hamburg solar energy involved.
About hybrid solar AG – www.solarhybrid.ag The hybrid solar AG is one of the most innovative companies in the field of renewable energy. The company is based on the solar thermal and solar power units. (
The solar heating unit provides an optimal product mix to Houses and apartment buildings and objects with high To provide heat with renewable energy. Markets As a world first hybrid a hybrid solar collector, the solar thermal and photovoltaic united. Continued with this new generation of solar panels, the International business standards. Other innovations, such as Energy column (c) and heat pump, which consists of a collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric indicating complement the forward-looking technology. (
With the solar power unit positioned itself as a hybrid solar Suppliers of photovoltaic components and project developers. solar hybrid Suntech is the official distributor and has Sales agreements with LVM Insurance and Bauking. In the project business There are close partnerships with international electricity and Enerparc. (
In Markranstädt / Leipzig is the production of Solar heating unit and the logistics of solar hybrid. Seat of the administration and Distribution is Brilon / Sauerland. More than 600 dealers sell the sustainable technology. (
The hybrid solar AG was the end of 2007 the Chief Executive Officer Tom Schroder, and the investor H2M Energy established. That Company currently employs over 60 staff. (
Tom Schroder Board / CEO solar hybrid Ltd. T: +49 29 61 / 9 66 46-10 ts@solarhybrid.ag
Susan Hoffmeister (((
Investor Relations: T: +49 (0) 174 300 39 50 ir (at) solarhybrid.ag
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