Home News DGAP-News: Nanostart increased its stake in Dresdner Cleantech participation Namos Ltd.

DGAP-News: Nanostart increased its stake in Dresdner Cleantech participation Namos Ltd.


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– Increase from 15 to 26 percent
– Pioneering Technology on the cleantech sector
– Saving of 50 percent of the precious metals in production of
Frankfurt / Dresden – 5 January 2010 – Nanostart AG, leading nanotechnology investment company, raises the Proportion of their participation Namos from 15 to 26 percent. Also in Namos invested ERP Start Fund increased its stake. The ERP Start Fund is a program of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).
Marco Beckmann, CEO of Nanostart AG, comments on the Increase: ‘The technology of Namos is groundbreaking, it saves valuable Precious metals and therefore avoids the catalyst for huge manufacturers Costs. That is now about one quarter of the company Nanostart heard, puts us in an excellent position. "
The procedure, which has developed the Namos Dresden GmbH, is in the production of automotive catalytic converters, about half The precious metals currently required to be saved. The procedure of Namos based on a coating of bionanotechnologischen ceramic substrate materials. News to be Coating of catalytic converters worldwide, some 230 tonnes of new, ie not recycled, used precious metals. This corresponds to a value of approximately 8.3 billion USD per year. About half, could more than 4 billion U.S. dollars, be saved by the technology of Namos.
The additive can bionanotechnologisch at low cost be produced. It is no longer present in the finished catalyst, so can create no negative long term impact. It contains no Hazardous substances and has a sufficient, years Storability.
About Nanostart AG: Nanostart AG is the world’s leading nanotechnology investment company. The company, Based in Frankfurt participates in capital financing Nanotechnology companies in various stages of development. Also provides it is its expertise in the development of financial instruments and Investors in the nanotechnology sector is available. More Company information can be found at www.nanostart.de.
About Namos Ltd.: The company today represents the Namos Development of innovative coatings from aqueous solution. In Focus on specific surfaces are determined by its nanopatterning particularly advantageous properties. This does not, however, produced by a variety of complex processes. Through the use of Biomolecules with ‘built-in intelligence’
organize them in some way even to the desired structures. The company still holds the intensive Connect with excellent research facilities especially in Area of Dresden. The customers and cooperation partners do not count Only small and medium enterprises but also well-known large companies. For more information, see www.namos.de.
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