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DGAP-News: schlott gruppe Aktiengesellschaft: Bilanzfeststellende meeting of the Supervisory Board


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– Confirmation of the provisional figures for the FY. 2008/09
– Proposal to the AGM, due to current
to distribute economic situation, no dividend
– Change in Board of Adam Valeri to Joachim Kühn
Freudenstadt, 15 January 2010. The Supervisory Board of schlott group AG, in its meeting today, the financial statements of schlott gruppe AG for the 2008/09 financial year and noted the Statements 2008/09 the company was approved. On 10 November 2009 reported preliminary results for the 2008/09 financial year (October to September) confirmed.
Reported net sales in fiscal year 2008/09 amounted to EUR 365.4 million to 468.8 million euros. The Value-added sales (VAS) was EUR 194.3 million to EUR 225.3 million adjusted for the previous year. The figure last year was sold to the Subsidiary sachsendruck adjusted in fiscal 2007/08 from a WSU made from 14.0 million had been.
Was for restructuring measures, an effort ago EBT (earnings before taxes) of EUR -6.2 million after EUR 0.5 million EUR a year before. The expense for Restructuring during the year amounted to EUR 20.6 million to 18.0 million, so that an EBT including this effort from -26.8 million compared to -17.5 Million will be recorded in the previous year. With an annual loss after -23.6 Million after tax amounted to EUR -16.8 million and earnings per share Year after EUR -3.81 EUR -2.76 in the previous year.
The consolidated figures are mainly from the development of Business shaped print. This year under review reached VAS of EUR 191.9 million to EUR 222.2 million adjusted for the previous year. EBT was before restructuring measures at -2.5 million after EUR 2.3 million EUR. Including this charge, from 17.2 million to EUR 17.5 million, a EBT of EUR -19.7 to -15.2 million reported a year earlier.
EBT for the corporate services, the only internal services for the group performs, was in line with expectations.
The Group’s net debt increased during the Fiscal year 2008/09 to 170.8 million compared to EUR 153.2 million to EUR Balance sheet of the financial year 2007/08. The equity ratio was in the company to 31.6 percent after 34.9 percent last year.
Schlott group has implemented in the reporting year by the Cost of the 2007/08 financial benefits, which were, however, additional costs resulting from the further deterioration of market conditions opposite, so that these costs were offset reductions. Also on the fiscal year 2009/10 is not yet a market recovery assumed. Schlott group has therefore, as already reported, more extensive capacity reduction and Cost reduction programs, from which the presented restructuring costs of fiscal year 2008/09 resulted.
For the fiscal year just begun is the Company from a persistently difficult price situation, and again smaller amounts of, so that the VAS will decline. The Earnings situation is indeed initiated by the cost basically relieved, the full effect of these measures will But first appears in the following years. There are also additional costs from the agreed restructuring measures. Thus must for the 2009/10 financial year once again with a significantly negative EBT, both before and after restructuring expenses be expected.
Against the backdrop of the current high costs of earnings the company through the difficult market situation in the printing industry and decided in this context Restructuring measures, the Management Board and Supervisory Board of schlott group of Annual General Meeting for the 2008/09 financial year, no dividend dividends.
The market situation in the printing industry is the Print service providers in Europe with great challenges. The necessary Adjustments are painful and require all parties involved high Contributions. Schlott group has, however, as one of the first companies to their Industry-wide cost-cutting measures and more addition, capacity reductions initiated. The Board is therefore convinced that the structural change in schlott group the European printing industry, and successfully meet work again in the future will be sustainably profitable.
The financing of the current business and Restructuring measures in the context of business expectations and secured, including the financial year 2011/12. In the course of coordinated funding approach was the end of December 2009, a Capital increase successfully completed.
Further information from the past year and to forecast the 2009/10 Annual Press and the Analyst Conference schlott group on 27 January 2010 in Stuttgart or Frankfurt shown.
Changes in the Board shall continue schlott group with that of the already communicated Change in Board of Mr Adam Valeri to Mr. Joachim Kühn has been implemented. Mr. Valeri has in past ten years, much to the positioning of schlott group as one of the leading companies in the European Printing industry contributed. The Supervisory Board and the Board would like to thank colleagues to Mr. Valeri for his strong commitment to the schlott group.
Mr. Kuhn, who has many years experience in the Printing Industry and restructuring tasks has, is from 1 April 2010 for the production, engineering, purchasing, Quality management and IT responsible for drawing. He has since 1 November 2008 for schlott working group and was responsible far the technical Management of the printing works as well as restructuring measures society.
Notes to financial data: The schlott group used in its external as well as in the internal control In addition to the size of ‘sales’, the size of Value-added sales’. Revenue is subject to fluctuations resulting from the Paper supplied by customers resulting supplied by customers in the paper assumes Unlike paper purchased directly by the accounts of schlott group. In fiscal year 2008/09, the so-called paper was 75.2 Percent. Value-added sales eliminates fluctuations in the Paper supplied by customers, thus the actual Business development reflected.
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