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DGAP-News: Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG: a package for the euro will affect / impact on growth – expected to further rise in stock prices


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Frankfurt am Main, 10 May 2009
Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG: a package for € will work burden for growth – continue to rise in Share prices expected
‘The effect of measures for the euro. The euro remains an important reserve currency. Speculation about a Breakup should supplant the currently presented program ‘. This ruling comes Ralf Grönemeyer, Head of Research at Silvia Quandt Cie. AG, in a research paper on the Euro-rescue program. But felt that the program associated with the Consolidation conditions for several EU states in the core to growth. Europe would to grow weaker than the global trend. ‘But it is a resulting weakening trend of the euro is not necessarily negative, because it improved the export opportunities of the companies’ so Grönemeyer on.
Now that strong countries such as Germany parts of their strong export revenues and its profits of € Community must make available, likely in the opinion of Silvia Quandt Cie. AG, yields on government bonds in the euro zone converge. But would continue with a supportive monetary policy of the ECB . Count Grönemeyer remain literally: ‘The short-term interest sustainable low. "
The stock markets should first of the agreement . Benefit ‘Corporate profits are developing positively, and the DAX acting on a P / E (2010) of just about 10.5 ‘, says Ralf Grönemeyer. The current risk aversion to equities was significantly exaggerated. The Silvia Quandt
& Cie. AG therefore expects a further rise in stock prices and includes new yearly high is not enough.
The issue of taxes will be in the coming years a Main theme developing on the political side. To the deficits limit, higher tax revenue would be needed. This the state must try, however, growth-income taxes possible, do not adapt.
The current situation, let only be resolved globally. So gains in the June 2010 held in Ontario G20 summit on more Importance.
About Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG
The owner-to Anger, Brumm & Lange Group, and to Silvia Quandt family owned Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG provides comprehensive Investment Banking Services for the German Mittelstand.
Its range encompasses Institutional Brokerage, Investment Research, Corporate Finance and Debt Advisory.
Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG is the European Financial Centre Frankfurt, London and Zurich for their business customers and active for its institutional investors. Since the Founded in 2007, Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG Equity transactions in the primary and secondary market with a volume of nearly EUR 1 billion in structured and successfully placed.
For services to the Banking Law (KWG) require a banking license, which operates Silvia Quandt & Cie.. AG as a tied agent of biw Bank for Investments and Securities Ltd. on behalf and on behalf of biw AG. In the UK Silvia Quandt & Cie.. Ltd. by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
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