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DGAP-News: Sino European Biotechnology AG begins with research on mutations of the H1N1 virus.


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Frankfurt, 18 January 2009 – Sino European Biotechnology Ag ( ‘SEB’ or the "Company") (OTCBB: A0Q17H) brought an extensive research and developments relating to recently documented Deaths due to mutated forms of the H1N1 virus began.
H1N1 is a pandemic virus, in different strains is mutated. The current vaccines are effective in relation to the Main trunk of the H1N1 virus, but are ineffective in terms of new mutant strains considered. SEB AG is conducting research into an oral vaccine is effective against a variety of influenza strains including some new, mutated forms in the coming months and years could be more active. SEB AG hopes to clinical Testing can begin as soon as the specific vaccine developed.
According eTaiwan news’ spread of mutations Swine influenza virus in Europe like the French health authorities announced to leave while the World Health Organization (WHO) a surge caused by the disease-related deaths by more than 1,000 reported in a week.
Two patients infected with such a mutation has been had, which was recently discovered in Norway, in France died, said the Health Surveillance Institute of Government (InVS) in a statement.
This mutation could affect the ability of the virus, the Respiratory tract and affects in particular the lung tissue, . increase One of these patients the mutation from one another was Mutation accompanied by the one knows that they have an immunity for oseltamivir bring with them, he added, referring to thus on the medication used primarily to treat Swine influenza is used, and which is known under the brand name Tamiflu.
The WHO said that they investigate reports of Mutations of the virus, after half a dozen countries in such cases have registered.
‘The question now is whether these mutations suggest that a fundamental change in the virus in circulation takes place – whether in relation to the severity of the disease process change for Bad there, "said Keiji Fukuda, the Special Representative of the WHO pandemic influenza. "
Information on the SEB AG The Sino European Biotechnology AG is a biotechnology company with a large Presence in China. The company currently has 5 SFDA approved products and is currently in the research and Development of an oral vaccine) against H1N1 swine influenza. SEB AG uses the proprietary bioreactor process to many of their To produce products and is always looking for ways to improve the production of their products to people all over the world to send the best possible health care.
1. The primary objective of SEB is to provide all patients worldwide who Our products are taking the best treatment and Cures for a variety of diseases gain.
2. SEB intends to support the Chinese children, by using a different part of the profit Children’s Charity donates.
3. The researchers at SEB expand the frontiers of science in Service of humanity, with the aim of better health to grant. It is the mission of SEB, the champion of the Biotechnology and the advocate of its member organizations be as large as small.
The above information is also available online. Please Please also visit www.sinoeurobio.de
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