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DGAP-News: The new Crucial RealSSD C300 is the fastest solid-state drive for consumers


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Lexar Media is the premier provider of Micron’s latest RealSSD Design key messages:
– Crucial (R) RealSSD (TM) C300 is the fastest SSD Drive, for the Consumers will be available
– Supports high-speed SATA 6Gb / s Interface, a read speed of up to 355MB / s Permits
– Permits the fastest read / write speed of the Storage Drive
– Supports the latest Micron (R) product and RealSSD NAND industry-leading innovations
– Large capacity of 128GB and 256GB in a 2.5-inch format
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LAS VEGAS, 12 January 2010 – Storage Visions (R) 2010 – Lexar Media, one of the leading global manufacturer of memory products for digital media, today announced the Crucial RealSSD C300. It themselves while at their most efficient solid state drive. Building on the success Crucial SSD Based on the popular line, offering the new Crucial C300 both mobile users and desktop users the fastest SSD read and write. This is during the storage Visions 2010 show in Las Vegas, from 5 to 6 January at the Riviera Casino announced here. The drive is at Micron’s booth in the exhibition area (Booth No. 10) demonstrated.
Crucial RealSSD C300 Drive is in a standard 2.5-inch format erhaeltlich. It supports 128GB and 256GB capacities and is equipped with a five-year warranty available. Benchmark tests have shown that the Crucial C300 the fastest desktop and notebook SSD is that for End user is available. It constitutes, to a rapid speed up to 355MB / s. Crucial C300 supports SATA 6Gb / s – the next generation of high-speed memory interfaces — and is backward compatible with SATA 3Gb / s interface.
‘The Crucial RealSSD C300 Drive is the fastest drive that we have tested so far, "said Robert Wheadon, Senior Lexar Media Worldwide SSD Product Manager. ‘Is the big’ wow ‘factor for consumers The noticeable improvement in boot-up speed – Crucial RealSSD C300 Drive is a flash, like no other of the Crucial SSD Performance Labs. "
‘The industry has great early December to the introduction the Micron RealSSD C300 Drive responded and we can not wait see this drive in the hands of consumers, "said Justin Sykes, director of marketing for Micron’s SSD. ‘With his preisgekronten Services and solutions and an excellent global reputation, is Crucial is the ideal brand for our latest RealSSD consumers drive. "