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DGB castigates push to Hartz-IV-cut


The proposal by Wolfgang Franz fits so not in the Christmas season: the economy suggests ways to reduce the unemployment benefit of 359 euros to just over 250 euros a month. The DGB is appalled. The move was "cynical", "unacceptable" and "financially threatening.

Frankfurt – The Christmas should be a time when the values of selflessness and charity come increasingly to the fore. The proposal for the Hartz IV law, the Wolfgang Franz has just been unpacked in front of the festival is not entirely to this mood. The head of the so-called farming has suggested a reduction in unemployment benefits II from 359 euros to just over 250 euros a month – and provoked angry reactions to the German Trade Union Federation (DGB).

The proposal was "cynical towards those affected" and "financially threatening to the social security funds," said a spokeswoman for the DGB "BZ" Such a move was "an unacceptable subsidy to entrepreneurs whose poverty wages be supplemented by the state."

The Advisory Council for consideration of economic development, headed by Francis, had submitted to the federal government, according to Franz, a model for the improvement of Hartz IV. Occasion was the fifth anniversary date of the reform was. The core of the reform was "a lowering of the standard rate of 30 percent." A minimum would be guaranteed by ensuring top-up payments. Simultaneously, the additional income limits should be raised significantly. Work should be so attractive to Hartz IV recipients.

Union advocates Christmas grant for Hartz IV recipients

While calls for the head of the farming just before the feast drastic cuts in social security contributions, and discuss current political leaders rather than an increase in the standard rate. SPD leader calls about Sigmar Gabriel, employees who have deposited money in the long unemployment insurance in the event of job losses to pay more, too. The policy had "done something wrong" if a man be after 20 years of work, involuntarily unemployed and a further twelve months later only get Hartz IV – as much as someone who has never worked.

The Constitutional Court even considering whether the Hartz-IV-rates are too low. According to SPIEGEL information, there are indications that the performance rates were calculated using false basic information.

Gerald White, the deputy chairman of the CDU-wing Workers CDA has also proposed a Christmas money for Hartz IV recipients. "With a small Christmas grant could Hartz IV recipients face more confidently Christmas Eve," he told the Bild newspaper.

The chairman of the CDU parliamentary wing of the workers, Peter White, told the newspaper: "participation in social life also means that we can little afford Christmas presents. If you want to take up the idea of a Christmas bonus, then you have but by the flat-rate unemployment benefit in II say goodbye and return to the old system of social assistance. "

Coalition politicians pushing for Schauble turbo Save

While the workers wing of the CDU generous debate about Christmas presents for Hartz IV recipients, threaten hefty increases in employee contributions. According to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the government is considering, the contribution rate to Unemployment increases significantly. Without such a step would have the federal government for years to pay billions of dollars to the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the paper said, citing Group circles.

Already in the coalition negotiations would discuss the CDU and FDP on concrete figures for higher unemployment insurance. Accordingly, the BA from the current 2.8 percent contribution rate from 2011 could be increased to 4.5. Background of the reflections of black and yellow is loud, "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the newly enshrined in the constitution debt brake – by Schauble promised annual reduction of budget deficit of ten billion euros.

The challenges to the federal government are enormous: In a staggering 85.8 billion euros, the deficit is expected to increase next year. Politicians from the CDU and FDP have Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) are now invited to start saving immediately – And wait no longer. FDP financial expert Frank Schäffler demanded in the "Frankfurter Rundschau" more savings efforts "and a" greater spending discipline "is already in the budget 2010th