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Im Fokus der Anleger: Neue Daten zum Arbeitsmarkt. Quelle: dpa

The focus of investors: New data on the labor market. Source: AP

HB NEW YORK. The Wall Street starts with price gains, optimistic tuned Economic data pushed to the courses. The U.S. unemployment fell in the initial stage the week ending 29 MAI expects more clearly than. In addition, revised the ADP private employment agency, the number of in April in the Private sector jobs created substantially. Hope made on the broad market that even the employment report turns out well for May and therefore a further proof provides that the U.S. economy recovers. The new Unemployment figures are published on Friday.

The image of a current economic situation was, however, about the data scratched to productivity growth. In the first quarter of 2010 productivity rose much more slowly than expected.  The Dow Jones index of defaults rose in the first minutes by 0.5 percent to 10,297 points. The broad broader S & P 500 put on 0.4 percent to 1103 points. The The Nasdaq index gained 0.5 percent to 2292 posts.

Company information played in the trade are not large Role. Few companies were waiting for new information. The Shares of memory chip manufacturer Texas Instruments laid slightly by 0.1 percent. The Group has teamed up with five other companies joined forces to develop the free to promote accessible software Linux.  General Electric and the Japanese trading house Itochu will invest in renewable energy. GE papers won 0.6 percent.

BP’s shares were also among the winners. The Company continues to fight against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and tries on a new technology to the to seal oil leak. The shares rose after the significant declines in recent days by 3.0 percent.