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Dt. Exchange seeks to compete with banks – Welt am Sonntag


2010-07-18_deutsche börse_reto francioni_ddp FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – In search of additional revenue sources will be the German stock exchange AG new Customer groups and open it to competition with the existing Main customers – the banks – search . ( Reuters photo 🙂

"We want more business in future do directly with institutional investors, fund companies , Pension funds , insurance companies , " said the chairman of the Frankfurt exchange operator, Reto Francioni in an interview with Welt am  Sunday " ( Welt am Sonntag ). Especially in the field of risk control could Dax Group offers investors a lot.
"We have a lot of information about the market, but otherwise neutral as banks and independent, " he said. So far running the investment operations of institutional investors usually the trading departments of banks. The offensive is part of the new  Growth strategy, " New Landscape ". It also relies on a Francioni  tighter regulation of financial markets. "Products , all markets move and thereby also endanger may have in future on the stock exchanges be traded or at least settled through a clearing house, " he said.
He cited industry estimates showing that 84% of all Derivatives outside the stock exchanges , especially between banks, the owner . Switch Francioni warned in this connection, however, before unilateral national action . "It takes very little, if at Germany some type of regulation occurs in advance , "he said . The Federal Government had recently introduced a surprise Prohibition of uncovered short sales for headlines provided.
belong to the first item and Growth offensive the expansion of business in growth regions. "We want to continue advance into Asia , Eastern Europe and the Middle East ", said the Francioni Newspaper. As in Asia acquisitions are difficult to set the German Exchange on cooperation. In fact the daughter of the derivatives market Eurex future trading options on the main index and South Korea That handle the same applies to the stock exchange in Mumbai.

In the wake of the financial crisis was winning the Deutsche Börse Last year, broken in half. Company management reacted first with extensive cost-cutting measures . Inter alia  announced them in the spring that 370 of the approximately 3,300 job cuts or be shifted to the cheaper location in Prague.

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