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ECB: Euro counterfeiting in the first zone is Half back


2010-07-19_Falschgeld_ddp FRANKFURT (Dow Jones ) – The counterfeiting of the euro area has declined significantly in the first half of this year. As the European Central Bank ( ECB) announced on Monday were from January to June 2010 a total of 387,000 counterfeit euro banknotes withdrawn from circulation. ( Reuters photo 🙂

This was a decrease of 13% over the second half of last year. "Compared with the increasing number of genuine in circulation (on average 13.2 billion notes in the first half of 2010 ), the proportion of counterfeits is still very low, " said the ECB.
At most , according to the ECB in the first half and € 20 were withdrawn 50- euro banknotes from circulation (41.5 % and 42.5 %), with the proportion of larger denomination increased. With a share of 12% was the 100 euro note , the third most frequently counterfeited denomination. About 98% of the counterfeits were discovered also in countries of the euro zone.
In Germany, according to figures from the Bundesbank in the first half however, 20 % more " flowers "- well discovered 33 700 – than in the second half of last year. The damage caused by counterfeit increased in the same period from 1.6 million to 1.9 million EUR. Even in Germany, found the majority of " flowers "in the 50 – euro notes (61 % ), followed by 20-euro (20 % ) and 100 -euro banknotes ( 14%). The Bundesbank noted that Germany, with about eight forgeries to 10,000 residents still was below the average for the euro zone.

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