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Economic crisis drives borrowers number in the amount


HB BERLIN. The number of people with sustainable payment was increased so that problems compared with 2009 by 300 000, this was the first increase since 2007. This was not the situation deteriorates as strong as feared, the experts wrote: Thanks to reduced working hours and even during the crisis unexpectedly robust labor market was worse can be avoided. The situation in Germany is thus better than in Britain or the U.S., where collapsing because of the bursting housing bubble a lot more people under the burden of their debts threatened.

likely Nevertheless, the situation in Germany improve in the coming years, not again, wrote the experts: "The further from the federal government planned austerity measures and factors – such as increasing housing costs and the increase in precarious workers – may also trigger to be for a renewed indebtedness situation." Still was the loss of a job the primary cause of financial constraints, the researchers wrote. However, the increasing financial burdens on health and retirement or rental could be less scope to repay existing loans. Especially in younger adults also sit on the upswing again loose the money in his pocket, and also increase the willingness to accept new loans.

Particularly strong one clouded the financial situation of the people in Saxony-Anhalt, followed by Saarland and Berlin. As before, but most people in Bremen are over-indebted, if not 14.13 percent of the population their loans in the foreseeable future can be settled. In addition, more women got into difficulties while the number of heavily indebted men almost stagnant. Younger people under 29 would more often in financial difficulties. In Anglo-Saxon countries, the consumer indebtedness is particularly alarming: So were in the UK 13.8 percent of private consumers in debt, even in the U.S. 17.4 percent, reported the Creditreform experts.