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Emirates move away from Blackberry-blockade


Nutzerin mit Blackberry: In den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten gibt es weniger Einschränkungen als ursprünglich geplant. Quelle: dpa

In the United Arab Emirates are there fewer restrictions than originally planned: Licensees with Blackberry. Source: dpa

HB DUBAI. The Telecommunications Authority in Dubai said on Friday after a report by the official news agency WAM, all Blackberry Services, such as the Messenger, the e-mail and the browser function could be used through the end of the period on Monday also. Sier now met the national requirements. Details on the agreement did not name the agency WAM. It was not clear whether this authorization is deemed permanent.

The Emirates had made an ultimatum to RIM, justified the threat of blocking the functions of safety concerns. Alone in the Emirates were 500 000 users Blackberry Smartphones of the company Research In Motion been (RIM) are affected.

The government had expressed fears that extremists could use the services to prepare their attacks. They threatened to block applications such as text messages, e-mail and the Internet browser until it gains access to the encrypted data. Similar disputes with India and Saudi Arabia RIM could settle already.

The encryption technology from RIM services is considered particularly safe. Thus, in particular to sensitive data from corporate customers are protected. Blackberrys are primarily in the business world is an important means of communication.