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EU Commission is considering extending the punitive duties on U.S. biodiesel


BRUSSELS (Dow Jones) – The European Commission may wish to consider whether to introduce U.S. biodiesel producers their fuel via third countries into the EU in order to avoid punitive duties . This is clear from the files of the Commission available to Dow Jones Newswires.

should also be considered whether U.S. manufacturers intentionally mix their products with a high proportion of mineral oil or other substances in order to avoid the anti – payments that apply to U.S. fuel mixtures with a minimum of 20 % pure biodiesel. The documents suggest that the planned investigation result in the extended last year in the EU imposed punitive duties on U.S. biodiesel on fuel imports from Canada and Singapore . In addition, the charges could soon be applied to fuel blends containing less than 20 % pure biodiesel.

The European Biodiesel Association ( EBB European Biodiesel Board ) had submitted in late June a complaint with the EU Commission. The industry defends itself against a subsidy of USD 1 per gallon, paid by the U.S. government for the blending of biodiesel with conventional fuel. This U.S. producers , the EU biodiesel flooded with cheap and the local biodiesel producers would threaten their viability.

In July, the EU Commission had stated that imports of biodiesel from the U.S. had fallen sharply and that this is due to the fact that now reached large numbers of U.S. biodiesel over Canada and Singapore to the EU. EU diplomats said it is still questionable whether the Commission will in fact open an investigation . The Canadian government would put itself strongly suggests that such testing is taking place.

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