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EU Commission wants to sue for higher salaries of civil servants


The dispute over the salaries of EU officials escalated. The Commission in Brussels wants to increase the salaries, but block the Member States. Now, therefore, Barroso Authority draws to the European Court of Justice.

Brussels / Berlin – privileges farce in Brussels: In the dispute with the EU Member States, at a 3.7 percent higher salary for European officials draws the EU Commission in court. Led by President José Manuel Barroso Authority decided to complain, according to a spokeswoman on Wednesday in Brussels, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against the Member States. The decision was unanimously killed in the College.

The EU Council of Ministers – where Member States are represented – has been reduced because of the economic crisis, the increase of salaries by half, and will therefore only approve an increase of 1.85 percent. In this attack by the Member States is the EU Commission, however, violated European law.

The Commission relies on a clause in her claim in 2004 reformed statute of EU officials. Thus is the increase in salaries annually for a specific mathematical formula. These included the development of civil servants’ salaries in eight EU countries with high wage levels and living in Brussels. The statute applies to 2012.

Objections to this pay system has shown on Wednesday, the federal government. The deputy government spokesman Christoph Steegmans already been referred to a report scheduled after the expiry of the current system. "According to the Federal Government it is also good that the rules will be subject to a critical review," he said. "Especially in times of crisis and political sensitivities should play a role," he added.

Previously had been vice-chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Carl-Ludwig Thiele, called for a review of the relevant EU directives. In the "Bild"-Zeitung on Wednesday, he laid particular the automatic annual increase in the salaries of EU officials in question.