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EUREX / bond futures tend friendly


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – With light impacts Pensions are present on Thursday in futures trading history . 16.25 against the clock September contract on the federal government sets up 29 ticks on  129.44 %, respectively. The Bobl futures increases by nine ticks to 120.55 %. The Daily high is at 129.53 % and the day’s low at 129.05 %. Implemented have so far been 534 380 contracts.

Helaba speaks of a lateral movement of the Bund -Future. The European Central Bank had expected the prime rate as remain at 1.00%. Also at the press conference were surprises materialize , they say. " Trichet ‘s statements that the Developments in the money market moving in the right direction and the less extensive purchases of euro-area government bonds is not surprising likely to be , point out that the ECB – without it directly to – designate the direction of a gradual phasing out of special measures  headed , "says one economist at Postbank. A first rate hike  lying still in the distant future.
The Bund future moves under these premises is expected to continue in a range from 128.66 % to 129.55 %. Letter

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