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Euro benefits from improved investor sentiment


HB FRANKFURT. "The euro benefited from improved sentiment among investors," Geoffrey Yu, currency strategist stated at the UBS. "Stock markets around the globe to see solid, which is of course to the expectation that rates will likely remain the world for a long period of low." Support the euro was also on the economic side. Thus, the industrial production fell in the 16 euro countries in April from higher than expected. Analysts expect the next few months with a continuation of the trend. For better mood that dealers were also statements of the U.S. central banker with James Bullard, the world economy that provides for a strong recovery.

Speculation about new problems in the euro-zone shortly before the EU summit this week against the single currency put away relatively easily. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung had reported, citing government sources in Berlin, the EU is preparing to run a rescue for Spain.

Denials of the government in Madrid and the European Commission prevented but not that investors in the bond Spanish government securities sold slightly more than German.