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Euro – zone unemployment stable at 10.0% in June


Griechenland_14 - (c) Polya Lesova LUXEMBOURG (Dow Jones) – The unemployment rate in the euro zone has amounted in June as in the previous month to 10.0 %. The forecast of economists was fulfilled. Comments from the European statistics agency Eurostat on Friday that the unemployment rate remained for the entire EU in June, unchanged and amounted to 9.6 %. (Photo : Polya Lesova )

According to estimates by Eurostat were unemployed in the euro zone 15.77 million people and 23.06 million people throughout the EU .
In Eurostat figures are seasonally-adjusted data , which are calculated according to the criteria of the International Labour Organization ( ILO).

Website: www.epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu

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