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European shares close to later Rally held up well


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The prices of large European stocks have held up on Tuesday after a rally late in the business still good.

The Euro Stoxx 50 gained 0.2 % or 6 points to 2623 , and the Stoxx 50 rose by 0.1 % or 2 at 2,450 points. Early in the business, the courses were for faint documents from the U.S. and Japan have fallen sharply in the afternoon and then broke -expected U.S. economic data out of a trend reversal.
House prices in the U.S. recovered faster than expected, the mood among purchasing managers in Chicago was well above the threshold that indicates a recession , and consumer confidence was better than expected. "That calmed the markets , after President Barack Obama on Monday evening has unsettled the markets with a pessimistic outlook , "said one Markttteilnehmer .
Technical support have kept
With the change of mood , according to technical analysts have also considered important support only once, in 2560 the Euro Stoxx 50 and the 1.040er brand in the U.S. Index S & P 500. "All stared at the marks , "said one dealer. It remains the hope to get a soil , including large , the downside from . The next pulses are now expected on the night of Chinese purchasing managers’ indices and then by the U.S. labor market data on Wednesday and Friday.
Mining stocks and telecom – friendly titles
With the late rally , the trade indices for mining stocks and telecom titles were also positive. " The economy is going better than expected , based commodity values , "said one dealer. Telecom stocks were sought because of the high dividend yield. Rio Tinto gained 2.4% to 3.300p , also supported by a buy recommendation of the Bank of America. Vodafone moved up 2.3 % to 157 p .
Chemical- based index of Bayer
The index values of Chemistry concluded friendly. Dealers refer to the price rise by 2.4 % from Bayer with the new data of the Bayer coagulation inhibitor " rivaroxaban . The means for treating acute deep vein thrombosis have shown in a study that targets not only to the prevention of thrombosis, but also to the treatment of acute cases.
H & M as a possible intermediates in the plus
Interestingly , this evening, when announcing the index provider Stoxx the changes on the evening of 17 September will be completed. BMW Promoted as predicted in the Euro Stoxx 50 gained 1.1% to 41.67 EUR , Aegon lost 1.1% as likely losers . Possible intermediates in the Stoxx 50 are Standard Chartered, AB InBev, Zurich Financial and probably also H & M, which rose 1.7% to 241.80 SEK . leave the index probably have to Generali, Arcelor Mittal, RWE and Iberdrola also likely .

By Herbert - Rude, Dow Jones Newswires  +49 ( 0) 69-29725217 , herbert.rude @ dowjones.com
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