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European shares weak at midday – Fed statements burden


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – European stock markets tend on Wednesday noon weak. Strain is created , the statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve on Tuesday evening. The dollar has strengthened the warnings of deflation over the European single currency made stronger, advised the stock exchanges in Europe more clearly under pressure . The Euro Stoxx 50 lost 1.0% to 12:15 BST or 27 points to 2767 . The Stoxx 50 is 1.0% or 26 meters by 2527 on .

" Overall, the moving testimony of the Federal Reserve in line with expectations " , says the trade. The Fed has provided more monetary easing measures in prospect, should the economic situation deteriorate in the coming months. Market participants agree on the interpretation of the statements but certainly disagree. On the one hand, the Fed put additional help in the form of additional liquidity in view , the other the means but also that the economy does not run around .
Quantitative easing two on the way?
Although concrete statements have failed to monetary policy measures taken by the Fed, the instructions of central bankers in preparation for a further quantitative easing will be ( seen QE2 ). Thus , the Fed would go one step further, for two quantitative easing would mean an expansion of money . Analysts at Citigroup are sure that there is no alternative to QE2 , as economic recovery in the U.S. is not sufficient.
UniCredit after Profumo weak resignation
because of the dispute surrounding the major shareholder in Libya strained the head of the Italian bank UniCredit , Alessandro Profumo, has resigned as expected. Profumo had long been under pressure. This is because the share participation of Libya in the Italian bank. The North African country with nearly 7.6 percent of the largest shareholder of UniCredit. The shares lost 3.2% to 9.43 EUR .
, Credit Suisse ( CS) confirmed " Despite the short-term uncertainty "after the forced resignation of Profumo its buy recommendation and target price for the share. The analysts expect the short term price weakness, the less likely of the four Deputy CEO ensure a relatively smooth transition to new leadership. Medium term, the investment story is unchanged. The rapid appointment of new CEO is nevertheless very important to reassure investors.
German bank to be traded ex rights
German Bank show recovered from the massive sales on Tuesday evening. From the high optical dropped by almost 8% should be not be misled , they actually recorded a slight plus it states in the trade. " The share price will now be expected plus subscription , "said one dealer. This note down to 4.15 EUR at present . The stock , however, lose only 3.48 EUR , so that it appears about 67 cents compared to the Plus Vortagsschluss .
The evening before , reported by Deutsche Bank with the prospectus to the stock options business outlook for the third quarter for Merck Finck & Co ( MeFiCo ) is not surprising. The bank had announced that the profit in the quarter will turn out – even without taking into account the previously announced one-time charge of EUR 2.3 billion of write-downs on Postbank shares – less than a year earlier. The analysts point to the ongoing turmoil in the bond market and worries about a ‘double dip ‘, which would have decreased in the second quarter revenue.
Daimler easier – despite denials uncertainty charged
Despite a denial by Daimler , the stock is loaded by a report in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. "In our industry, everyone talks to everyone – even on collaborations, " said a spokeswoman for the Stuttgart Mutual Group. But there was no negotiations with Fiat of Turin on the industrial business , which includes the truck subsidiary Iveco is one .
"La Repubblica "reported that Daimler was interested in the soon divested of Fiat Fiat SpA Industrial . In this society wants to spin off Fiat , CNH and Fiat Powertrain and truck manufacturer Iveco. Daimler had offered EUR 9 billion for this , but Fiat wants to EUR 10.5 billion . The stock is avoided with the now created uncertainty, they will lose 2% to 44.70 EUR and Fiat record barely changed at 10.85 EUR . The sector of the European car values recorded 1.4% lighter.

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