Home News European stock markets little changed at midday – Wedding in view

European stock markets little changed at midday – Wedding in view


2011-04-29_WilliamKate_dapd FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – European shares present at the Friday lunch changes with the wedding in England no. "The trading desks focus more on the guest list as the trade," says a trader. (Photo: DAPD)

Felt would do for the slowdown in trading activity. In the City of London is like all over the holiday. The Euro Stoxx 50 rose to 13.04 against clock by 0.1% or 2 points to 3,008, the Stoxx-50 wins 2659 to 0.1% or 3 points.
Could provide a new impetus in the afternoon economic data from the United States. The program is home to the purchasing managers’ index from the Chicago area for the month of April. Economists expect the average of their forecasts in a stand of 68.0 to 70.6 points the previous month. Some economists, he is a good precursor to next week’s expected national ISM index. Other economists consider it because of the dominance of the automobile industry in the Chicago area, however inappropriate.
In addition, the results of the second survey, the University of Michigan to the mood of U.S. consumers are expected in April. Here is the consensus of 70.0 to 69.6 points in the first survey.
Automobiles are suffering from weak Daimler-figures
0.4% reduction in the car values ​​are under some pressure. Background are disappointing financial results absorbed by Daimler: the first-quarter revenue estimate of analysts at Credit Suisse has differed by 4%, while adjusted EBIT was lying in the forecast. Negative surprises are the experts on the development of liquidity – especially with regard to this very positive data from VW. Daimler to give 1.8% to 52.13 EUR, while the Wolfsburg At length value by 0.4% to 131.55 EUR.
Saint-Gobain in the first quarter of strong sales
The French building materials manufacturer has made a good start to the year. Market participants put out the strong sales growth. With an increase of 7.6%, sales were above the market expectation. positively surprised at the areas of the construction business, flat glass and the packaging division. Saint-Gobain also announced to the anticipated IPO of packaging Verallia daughter. The stock lost 0.6% to 46.89 EUR after they had gained much in advance.
Vinci template set of sales figures by 0.6% to 45.01 EUR. "The numbers are down as expected", says the trade. The construction business was relatively good weather of it as a weak prior year profits. The momentum was the beginning of the year high, is expected to weaken but in the year. That the view has been confirmed, is not a surprise. The construction sector tends not changed. The European construction sector tends unchanged.