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Europe’s stock markets tend weaker at noon


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – After strong resetter tilt the European shares on Thursday on Friday afternoon continues to be weak . This will keep the market posted . After the end of the reporting season was gratifying -fatal many market players with the macroeconomic indicators once again the fragile state of the U.S. economy have been made aware , says a dealer.

Also charttechnisch are the major European stock indices by the return of Thursday Setzer in uneasy Constitution. The Euro Stoxx 50 index is back below the resistance level dropped only recently conquered 2720-2680 points , evaluate what the technical analysts as a warning signal Staud Research . The Euro Stoxx 50 is 1.2% according to clock 12.53 , or 32 to 2644 points, the Stoxx 50 lost 07% or 18 at 2,450 points.
Tech stocks are suffering from weak specifications
With the technology stocks is 0.9 % down. Context, the negative interpretations of quarterly figures of the two computer manufacturers Dell and Hewlett – Packard. The book-to – bill ratio in the semiconductor equipment supplier , which in July rose to 1.23 from 1.18 the previous month , brings no relief. STMicro lost 1.8% to 5.79 EUR , ASML to give 2.1% to 22.09 EUR .
" Dead "Joint -Venture in the commodity sector
In commodity values BHP and Rio Tinto are the focus of attention. A report by the Sydney Morning Herald that the regulatory authorities approve the chosen between two mine operators iron ore joint venture will not. ‘ It’s been dead for months ", the paper quoted one in the negotiations between the regulators in Australia, Europe and China, involved officials. It now only go about finding a face-saving way out. " It would have then done the 5 billion USD, the BHP Billiton was saved thanks to the joint venture , "said one market participant.
Thus the proposed acquisition of Potash will certainly not easier. BHP has denied the report now , however. After the losses of the day before the stock rises by 0.2 % to 1814 p, while Rio Tinto to give 0.3 % to 3280 p.
Bid based energy values
A hostile takeover bid based courses in the European oil and gas sector. The State of Korea National Oil Corporation will take over the British Dana Petroleum 1.87 billion GBP. This assessment of the Koreans , the oil exploration company with 1,800 p per share. Knoc is assisted in the takeover approach claims to be from 48.62 % of Dana Petroleum ‘s shareholders. Dana Petroleum ‘s Board of Directors had refused to issue a recommendation to accept the offer. Dana Petroleum to increase by 5.7% to 1792 p. The sector index increased by 0.1 %.

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