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Even Singapore Airlines A380 makes its ground


HB SINGAPORE. After the engine damage and forced landing an Airbus A380, the airline, Singapore Airlines has for now suspended all flights of the giant Airbus. "Our engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and Airbus have advised us to carry out precautionary technical maintenance on our A380 aircraft, told Singapore Airlines.

Earlier the company concerned Qantas had changed its flight schedule on Thursday. The Australian company canceled all flights of the giant Airbus. Lufthansa, which has three A380s in its fleet will, first remove any flights. All flights announced the large aircraft were taking place, a spokesman for the airline in Frankfurt said on Thursday. "We will look but the conversation with the manufacturer. Rolls-Royce, meanwhile, launched an investigation into the incident in Singapore.

Airbus, which comes from London with 459 people on board was between landed on his flight to Sydney as planned in Singapore. Shortly after starting on the island state on Thursday occurred in one of the four engines to problems and the machine was forced to land in Singapore. The Australian authorities, no one was injured.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said by a major engine failure. The company will leave its six A380s until clarification of the incident on the ground. "This was a serious failure of an engine. We underestimate the importance of this matter is not. Let’s A380 fleet on the ground is no small thing for us," said Joyce.

According to him, but the machine would have with only two engines can fly. The Australian authorities launched an investigation. "This is probably the most serious incident with an A380 since the beginning of the commissioning of the commercial traffic," said aviation expert Tom Ballantyne.

Worldwide are currently 37 aircraft of the largest passenger aircraft in the world with five airlines in operation. In addition to Qantas, Lufthansa, are Singpore Airlines, Emirates and Air France-KLM. Except for Qantas and Singapore all want to maintain the operations of its A380s. With all of Qantas A380 engines from Rolls Royce Trent are fitted by the 900th The affected aircraft was manufactured 2008th

Aviation expert Peter Marosszeky from the University of New South Wales said it looked as if it were a serious engine problem. Such problems had already surfaced before, but at a much older model than the A380. One of the four engine casing was missing.

Indonesian television showed pictures of debris on the floor near the Indonesian Batam airport to be included for emergency landing A380. A connection with the recent outbreak of the Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi, the ash and gas clouds blew in the air, did not see government officials.

The A380 is in operation since 2005 in the passenger business use. So far there have been no fatal incident with him. The Airbus parent company EADS has however been plagued by technical difficulties prior to the introduction and massive delays.

Qantas had been in bad luck this year with the giant aircraft: two tires had burst on landing in Sydney. In September 2009, a machine also had to cancel their trip and return to Paris. EADS shares fell in Paris more than three percent to 18.40 euros. The Qantas share price came under pressure in Australia for a short time. Lufthansa tracks laid, however, just over three percent to 16.30 euros.