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"Failure can not afford Berggruen "


Handelsexperte Thomas Roeb von der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg attestiert dem Karstadt-Management "einen Plan, mit dem man etwas anfangen kann".

Thomas Roeb trade expert from the University of Bonn -Rhein -Sieg certifies the Karstadt management " a plan that you can do something. "

Handelsblatt Online: What are the chances Karstadt will leave now after nearly a half years, the bankruptcy ?

Thomas Roeb : I considered a merger with Kaufhof long time the only solution. But the Karstadt management at Thomas Fox does have a plan with which you can start something. Even with the current rent payments , you obviously do not have operational loss. In addition , the Group has separated from source . That was the millstone around the neck. With the appropriate leadership that Karstadt has now apparently , I think the chain of survival for the medium term . It may also be in 20 years on the market , albeit perhaps with some homes less than today.

If the image is not damaged by the long cliffhanger ?

Of course it would have been better , the whole theater would not have played. The customer has barely touched it but , as the positive sales trend shows .

What Nicolas Berggruen is better than for Karstadt managers who have failed in the past ten years in succession ?

Berggruen is nothing better than a department store manager . But as owner , he is better than the overtaxed Madeleine Schickedanz. Berggruen is a man who knows what he must respect . He knows his limits of competence and knows where he needs specialists and where it finds them. The current management is doing much better than the previous Karstadt handlebars.

The recipes sound but not new : the brand Karstadt is to be rejuvenated, the stores will offer more experience and more expensive to purchase . Convinced you that?

The basic options for department stores are limited and well known. More important are the details and especially the implementation. Here, above all, Karstadt CEO Thomas Middelhoff has failed.

How can Karstadt succeed?

The focus of textile is the battlefield on which the whole thing won or lost . Obviously, Karstadt will build a vertical supply chain and the expertise of a specialist shop to acquire . It is important that from the lip often were finally a reality. Management has also recognized how important it is to build a local profile . There are approaches that implement with a suitable concept. However, stores will have to fight. After all, it is realistic that they can work .

The buyer acquires Karstadt for a symbolic € € 70 million and wants to put their own capital in the chain. Is that enough ?

With the 70 million euro can certainly not do very much. That’s only half a million per store. But Karstadt ‘s operating results and in conjunction with the now reached Mietreduktionen enough funds will be available to the reorganization to be successful.

Why does the landlord consortium, which includes more than 80 of the 120 stores , a renovation contribution of 400 million € ?

If it did not, it would probably become insolvent , and which would bring the landlords even greater losses. In addition, the landlord , ie High Street, Karstadt had indeed can buy your own. That’s what they dare not really like the unsuccessful offer shows . Berggruen has the Karstadt management trusts , High Street has not done so.

It circulated suspicions, Berggruen prepare quietly before the filleting of Karstadt. there something to that ?

That does not seem plausible , and I see no evidence that he has in mind. If he wanted to buy a company to dismantle it , there would be this world’s really interesting objects. For a merger with Karstadt Kaufhof is uninteresting as a whole, this would be a bankruptcy have been the most economical solution . I think the deeper division in premium , goods and sports stores so motivated for organizational and business management. She is also a kind of fire protection for the good parts of the Group. A failure or breakage can not afford Berggruen , moreover , too. He would damage his name and his father and the enormous.