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"Fat finger" makes a stir


DÜSSELDORF. A small typing error has caused quite a stir last week in the Handelsblatt exchange game. A lead broker for the stock was of Tria IT instead of 2.75 € accidentally a course of 75 € one – much to the delight of the player "Jadezocker. He had given up for the Tria share an automatic sell order at a price of 70 €. named in the stock market jargon "fat finger – – By mistake, the order was raised, his account value shot at more than 300 000 € in the air.

Other investors profited briefly from the alleged price jump at Tria. The paper of the insolvent IT company enjoys an amazing popularity in the Stock Market Game: Behind the paper by Deutsche Bank, which is required in the course of the capital strong, Tria is the most heavily traded securities. Reason, a mysterious price increase in September. Out of nothing as the stock rose 35 cents to 18 €. The explanations range from speculation on a way out of bankruptcy next come up to replacement purchases by speculators betting that a price drop would have. Meanwhile, the price has fallen back to 2.70 €, but many investors appeared to speculate on a repetition.

The false Asked course for Tria remained on the stock market even without consequence: "The Rules and Regulations provides that lead broker can correct aberrations such taxes until the next price determination in real words would be no order has been executed at that price." Said Edda Vogt that the match at the German stock exchange organized. The Stock Market Game, which does indeed in the prizes in regular trading, but has no lead brokers, this is no correction mechanism. "But here come for error, the trades will be corrected later," says Vogt.

In the adjusted stock market game standings secured "champs9" with a value increase of 79 823 € the week victory. In addition to leverage certificates on the Dax, he owns shares of biotech company MediGene, the U.S. truck freight forwarder YRC Worldwide and Asia Water Technology of penny stocks in the portfolio.

In the overall standings after three weeks ago, "champs9" set with a portfolio value of 119 199 euros to the top. The leader of the past week, "Forlan" slipped to second place from this. After they had not traded for several days, she has become active again and is now a virtual capacity of 112 951 €. Third in the leading trio and the last player with a six-figure portfolio volume is "SHK", which invested in certificates and Dax in the shares of German Bank, Dialog Semiconductor, Infineon and Solar World.