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FDP holds for possible dismantling of the Deutsche Post – HB


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The FDP believes that splitting the Deutsche Post AG to be possible. In a confidential classified document of the FDP parliamentary group, the working group came Economy to the conclusion that the proposed divestiture law almost to the implement all postal mail business was to write the "Handelsblatt" (HB – Thursday edition).
The FDP economists see According to Handelsblatt, all in proposed legislation for the unbundling requirements laid down in as fulfilled in the post – from the dominance of Post about their technical and economic To provide opportunities for competition through to Proportionality of the interference.
There is nothing against the application of the law, the noisy conclusion. The Liberals believe it is possible according to the newspaper, the "endkundenorientierte entire network infrastructure, with the exception of Outsource stores "as a separate part – ranging from the Mailboxes and their evacuation to the Briefvorsortierung or Mailboxes.
Even the Union’s economic policy makers to assess the newspaper said the supremacy of the post critical. Some were convinced that a Termination of the preference of the post from the sales tax is sufficient to Competition to produce. Others go to the appropriate Cabinet draft of December but not far enough. "In my view it is improvement, "said the economic spokesman of the Union Group, Joachim Pfeiffer, the Handelsblatt. Pfeiffer had criticized that the Delineation of private and business is too vague.
If the rules for sales tax are not sufficient to we discuss further steps, "also said, Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs. The CDU politician said, according to Handelsblatt, that Unbundling the law as a last resort used in industries should be where SATISFIED monopolistic structures or Competition is impeded by blocking access. "That is true in certain areas of Deutsche Post and also in the German Train, "said Fox.
The German post office refused to comment on the report. The FDP was not immediately available for comments.


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