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FDP wants to move even further reduction in solar grants


2010-02-16_Photovoltaikanlage_ddp FRANKFURT / BERLIN (Dow Jones) – In the FDP, there are apparently aspirations, the planned reduction in solar grants to begin later than previously planned by the Union. (Photo: ddp)

For the Liberals stand the deadline of 1 June as the beginning of the reduction in the promotion of solar systems on roofs, no firm, told Dow Jones Energy Daily on Tuesday from the office of environmental policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Michael Kauch. "Is all that is now consensus, again packed," said an employee of Kauch. For the solar industry, the reliability must be maintained.
The Executive Board of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group had agreed to a Union in the dispute earlier this month to promote the reduction of solar roof systems until 1 Made in June – but then increased by 16% instead of the previously planned 15%. Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU) was the reduction in the original plans, according to 1st To start April.
The FDP take the concerns of the eastern states against the plans of Röttgen to subsidize solar energy very seriously, informed Kauch in a statement. The Minister of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, Sven Morlok (FDP) and Reiner Haseloff (CDU), had recently requested to postpone the cuts in Government aid to autumn, to give the solar industry are strongly represented in East Germany more time to adapt .
Moreover, the Liberals wanted to ensure "that will be razed and the most competitive solar energy systems on the open space," reads the statement continues. Because these systems are "the Billigmacher of technology". Röttgen According to the plans of the promotion of photovoltaic systems on arable land at 1 To July by up to 25% cut.

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