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Fears of supply shortages fuel U.S. wheat export


2011-01-10_Getreide_ddp CHICAGO (Dow Jones) – U.S. wheat exporters recorded strong demand from North Africa and the Middle East. Analysts attribute this buying interest due to the fact that governments in these regions, fearing that high food prices could cause political unrest. (Photo: Reuters)

The Tunisian national grain agency has recently arisen in the context of a tender 100,000 tons of durum wheat and 50,000 tons of barley, as European traders reported. Already in the past week bought the Jordanian Industry and Trade Ministry of 57.3 million USD 150,000 tons U.S. wheat for delivery in March and April. Louis Dreyfus was awarded the contract for 382 USD / t, c & f basis, as a Jordanian authorities spokesman said. Jordan had hit 150,000 tons in December last U.S. durum wheat prices of $ 367.5 per tonne to 368 USD / tonne. Likewise, Turkey bought 145,000 t in the past week U.S. Hard Red Winter wheat, and Algeria has ordered 600,000 tonnes of wheat on the world market.

"A lot of people have been disturbed in the course of the Tunisian revolt" by Dale Wood, analyst at AgriVisor. The prices of U.S. wheat to the grain exchanges in Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis last Friday submitted a rally. At the Chicago Board of Trade reached the March contract for U.S. soft red winter wheat narrows a 29-month high.

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