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Federal Government must make less debt


HB HAMBURG / BERLIN. The federal government must take up this year, much less new debt than planned. According to new calculations of the Treasury in 2010 only to be expected with a net borrowing of 50 billion €, told the news magazine Der Spiegel on Saturday in advance.

In preparing the budget, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) estimated more than 80 billion €. In the first round of deliberations on the 2011 budget in September, the Minister had already spoken of well below 60 billion or € 50-60 billion of new debt for the current year. These figures consider it further states, a spokesman said Saturday DAPD on request from the news agency.

Reason for the better development of public finances, the strong upturn in the economy. The tax revenue the government experts expect loud "mirror" with up to seven billion euros more revenue. Minor additional costs would be eligible for the financing of unemployment. The budget currently under development "excellent," the magazine quotes government sources.

Nevertheless, should the debt fail in 2010 as high as never before the federal government. The record dates back to 1996. At that time, the then Finance Minister Theo (CSU) was well received € 40 billion in new debt.

The current positive trend also has implications for the preparation of the budget for 2011. The bill still 57.5 billion euro new debt are estimated. The coalition wants to push the budget deficit, but among this year’s value. Until the adoption of the budget in November, then there should still be reductions amounting 8:00 to 10:00 € billion to be made. The first digit in the net borrowing should be a four, it says loudly "mirror" in coalition parties.