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Federal President : Atomic opinion does not exist


2010-08-31_Reaktorbecken_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones ) – The dispute over the planned life extension for German nuclear power plants , the Federal Presidential Office has rejected a report that it has its own opinion on the question of the constitutionality of such a law if no involvement of the federal states can be created . ( Reuters photo 🙂

"Such advice does not exist " , said the Federal President on Friday.
The " Handelsblatt "had reported on in the morning , citing government sources , the decision was a long running times for the 17 German nuclear power plants in the Federal President has already fallen in the core . Without the consent of the provinces could pile more than nine years longer stay on the network, it is stated in an internal report of the constitutional lawyers of President Christian Wulff.
According to the opinion climb with each additional year extension reported a risk that a law could be from the Federal Constitutional Court rejected, on the newspaper.
This explained the Federal President, the question of the constitutionality of a law extending the term NPP would be reviewed in the context of copy test in Article 82 GG.
Meanwhile , the federal government seems to bring about a solution to the question on Sunday of the longer – term nuclear power . This is a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the ministers from the Environmental, Economic and Finance, the Chancellery Minister, the chairman of the coalition factions and the coalition party leaders serve on early Sunday evening.

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