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Federation : Agreement with nuclear plant operators only support fund


2010-09-06_meiler_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The agreement between the Federal Government and the utilities and the nuclear power plant operators , which was dubbed in the media as a secret , has , according to government spokesman Steffen Seibert alone fund its planned funding for the development of renewable energy to the subject . ( Reuters photo 🙂

But it should not affect the life extension or the safety of nuclear power plants (NPP ). The cornerstones of the agreement constituted a " precursor "to a future contract , which was to be published in connection with the energy , and is " falsely been called a secret , " Seibert said on Friday in Berlin.
The Federal Government had worked out last Sunday cornerstones of the energy , and especially the part on the extension of maturities for the nuclear power plants . Here there was agreement that would make nuclear power operator in the 60 % of their progress through the life extension of extra profit .
This happens to one of the fuel tax. On the other hand would have to pay the utility in a support fund payments. "This promotion fund – and nothing else – was the subject of discussions with the companies on Sunday , not the life extension and not the security , "said Seibert.
The term extension was a purely political decision based on scientific calculations. About the security would advise all on their own , not with the utilities , but between federal and state governments . Security was above all economic and financial considerations , "said Seibert.
Due to the payments in the fund would support billions together for the promotion and expansion of renewable energies. The cornerstones of the agreement was "the precise written version " of the agreements to the government spokesman said . The energy companies to lay down on huge payments. Fixed it was also that the operator does not even regained their payments , "if a future government should come up with the idea to change the political stance on nuclear energy (and therefore the life extension ), "said Seibert.
The corners are now the groups have been sent . Some clarifications would be made. Secrecy is "far far away from all reality and the intentions of this government , "the government spokesman. The government wanted to create an energy concept for Germany and the " full transparency ", assured the government spokesman.
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