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Finance Committee wants to eliminate post-tax privilege


Dp_delivery_bike_frei BERLIN (Dow Jones) – Deutsche Post tax privilege will be abolished at the will of the black-yellow government. In future all postal universal services should be exempt from VAT. (Photo: German Post)

This was decided by the Finance Committee of the German parliament in its session on Wednesday, with the majority of the coalition parties CDU / CSU and FDP, as the press service of the Bundestag, held today at the bundestag (hib) announced.
Accordingly, the sales tax exemption will be extended to all post-undertakings providing universal service. The SPD, the Left group and the group of Alliance 90/The Greens rejected the draft.
The Union Group, said the law was long overdue, for the sole exemption of Deutsche Post AG, contrary to European law. The VAT exemption for postal universal services, which had previously applied only to the Bonn DAX Group, will now turn also benefit the competitors.
The FDP spoke of a balanced scheme. To each individual customer would have to provide any disadvantages. By freeing up the competition would lower prices and increase quality, showed the FDP loud "hib" convinced. "The basic needs of the citizens remain exempt from VAT, the tax privilege of an individual company but is abolished," said Daniel Volk, chairman of the Finance Working Group of the FDP parliamentary group. With the new system of taxation revenue in the postal sector would europarechtskonform created a system for fair and effective competition, said the people.
The SPD group criticized that the exemption is limited to universal services, which were determined according to law justification for the average demand of a private household. Intention of the European law was not alone, but the promotion of private mail, but also from mass mailings. As an example, the SPD group called mass mailings from charitable organizations such as Caritas or associations such as the ADAC. For their mass mailings to fall in future sales tax. Ultimately, consumers would have on price, the estimated tax revenues of EUR 300 million paid in the year, speculates the SPD.

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