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First solden weekend was big success


Winter bargains, which began yesterday and even today many people attracted to the shopping, experienced a successful start. According Unizo customers bought mainly rational.

Fedis, which represents major retailers, speaks of a greater turnover of 5 to 10 percent over the same period last year.

Unizo and see an NSZ a status quo across the first weekend januari of 2009, but that was already a record weekend.

The manager of the electronic payment network Atos Worldline registered slightly more transactions than January 3 last year: 3,834,000 vs. 3,827,000. "Our dealers are quite satisfied," explains Christine Mattheeuws of the NSZ.

Record day Saturday
Yesterday was a record day. "Sales were even higher than last year", says the NSZ. "But what we have won on Saturday, on Sunday lost again," said Luc Ardies of Unizo. The NSZ is obvious today than the two percent sales bargains first Sunday last year.
The explanation must be sought by the independent organizations in the winter. "The snow, cold and slippery roads kept the bargain hunters at home," said Mattheeuws. According Unizo lasted until the afternoon before the A-sites, the famous shopping streets like Meir, were full.

Unizo adds that the launch of the sales lot of foreigners attracted to the Belgian shopping. "In Antwerp were the Dutch in Limburg also many Germans. Apparently it is seen as an event.

The first customer purchased during the past weekend especially rational bargains, says Luc Ardies of Unizo. "He focused not rush to the high discount rates, but opted for quality and timeless pieces of clothing, which usually is more expensive but with a discount of 30 percent in such times of crisis that it is a bonus".

Fedis notes that customers purchase certain clothing has deferred to the bargain. The NSZ were especially winter items like coats, sweaters, and sturdy shoes, popular. "They were also more numerous in the shelves there," says Christine Mattheeuws.

For the rest of the bargain period, which runs until January 31, the traders are his words, "very hopeful". The crisis, the more attractive discounts. Moreover, this bargain has five months Saturdays. "One in three expects to do at least as good as last year, one half expects even more sales," said Mattheeuws. (belga / EDP / sam)