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FOREIGN EXCHANGE / € exchange losses could recover after


Devisenbericht_frei FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – After the heavy price losses of the euro since the beginning of week shows , the currency stabilized on Friday morning. It acts against the dollar to $ 1.2876 7.55 Clock EDT .

"The fact that the euro has so far not fallen below yesterday’s low at $ 1.2780 , indicating that the correction is finished first once , "said one dealer. Even the yen and Swiss franc , the common currency has mounted.
"To calm the financial markets a Wochenschluss should be possible " , says Ralf by the circulating Helaba. In recent days the euro had with the other major trading currencies on weak economic data and a pessimistic assessment of the U.S. central bank suffered along with increasing risk aversion of market players. The forthcoming publication in the U.S. retail sales and consumer prices in July and a consumer survey conducted by the University of Michigan likely circulating However, according to stir up any new economic worries.
For example, the recently published weekly sales figures from U.S. retailers had turned out favorably. Compared with June a slight increase in prices was expected . And for the consumer mood, the University of Michigan there are positive indications from previous surveys.
"All that sparked new worries about a relapse into recession in the U.S., is likely to trigger another wave of selling out the stock markets, " Cameron Peacock predicted by IG Markets. Among likely suffer and the euro . In Asia , stock markets have stabilized and also for the European stock exchanges are the signs of opening to slightly rising prices.
Technically , the euro was struck , however , says Helaba analyst Ralf circulation. The case of the Euro to the U.S. currency under the above- mentioned low of $ 1.2780 , then lay the next support at 1.2733 marks / $ 1.2737 and $ 1.2673 . Resistance to the common currency meet at $ 1.2933 .

Europa New York Europe
( 7.50) (Thursday , 22:27 ) (Thursday , 12.52)
EUR / USD 1.2876 1.2833 1.2859
USD / JPY 86.06 85.90 85.90
EUR / JPY 110.80 110.23 110.45
EUR / GBP 0.8235 to 0.8223
EUR / CHF 1.3505 to 1.3541

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