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FOREIGN EXCHANGE / € hovers around $ 1.30


Devisenbericht_frei FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The euro is moving in the transition to European-influenced trading on Tuesday at the $ 1.30 mark . The downgrading of the creditworthiness of Ireland as well as the unresolved status of the talks between the IMF and Hungary loaded the single currency only briefly.

can be observers believe that the euro run , given the current strong sentiment for the single currency even further and take the mark of $ 1.30 .
Much depends here on the release of the stress test at the end of the week off . Should the results credibly demonstrate that the problems of the banking sector in Europe to overcome, this could push the euro higher. With regard to the dollar , the investors are also cautious before the hearing by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday. Investors will listen to exactly what the central banker has to say about the outlook for the U.S. economy.
The reporting day should the market from the general mood of investors be characterized . Among other things, there are important quarterly reports , while data on U.S. housing starts will provide additional information about the state of the U.S. property market.
Charttechnisch was the mark of $ 1.30 will be overcome so far not sustainable. According to the Helaba here the 61.8% retracement of the second Euro – downward from April to June is here and now two days at $ 1.2992 highs intensify (Monday) and $ 1.3006 (Friday) this hurdle. To keep the correction in risk limits , it must succeed in the euro quickly to leave the mark behind.
The ounce of gold quoted at $ 1,182.50 in the morning after an afternoon gold fixing in London at $ 1,181 .

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(8.12 ) ( late trading ) (17.10 )
EUR / USD 1.3003 1.2945 1.2971
USD / JPY 87.03 86.86 86.72
EUR / JPY 113.20 112.50
EUR / GBP 0.8510 0.8529
EUR / CHF 1.3671 1.3640

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