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Former IPO possible


"Making the decision to the shareholders," Engel told the Wirtschaftswoche. "If a former public offering should meet the expectations of shareholders, I would slow down not so sure. We will be ready." The reason for a possible initial public offering earlier lies in the positive economic development.

"The economic environment clears up," the Evonik-chief, "we are on track to leave the crisis behind us and were after the first quarter of the capacity utilization and profits even higher than the levels that we faced the crisis , ie in the first quarter of 2008, had. Also, our second quarter is developing well. "

In the most important Evonik Chemicals Business may also "stem sized acquisitions," said Engel. Structured around the same time, Evonik Chemicals Business. Loud angel of the company’s supervisory board recently decided to spin off the division Carbon with 1,700 employees and approximately one billion euros. On what action should be decided this year. "It is conceivable that we bring the business into a joint venture with another provider or even sell or as a stand-alone version outside the core group, but to continue it with greater entrepreneurial autonomy," the Evonik head towards the business week. Of the planned spin-off also known as the Colorants business (sustainable mixed systems for the paint and coatings industry) about 200 employees were affected.

For the second large area, the energy business, is looking Evonik "one or more financially strong partner." A considerable "double digit" number of bids had already been received. Engel emphasized, however, "is a filleting not give it." The company will decide in the fall. "If we do not get a price that meets our expectations, then there will be no deal," explains the head of Evonik. In the industry, the value of Evonik’s energy business is estimated at three billion euros.

The third real estate business is being restructured. Evonik’s own housing stock sets with those in real estate companies THS on which the trade union IG BCE Evonik and participate on an equal together. The objectives of the new company says Engel, "We want to build with the merger, the third largest and also best real estate companies in Germany. We take a lot of time. Our goal is to show that the interests of tenants, employees and shareholders well together go. This is the antithesis of big competitors. "

Evonik has emerged from the former coal group RAG, mostly owned by a foundation and the medium term to pay for the decommissioning and related costs of mining, which is estimated at seven billion euros. The company has a turnover of 13 billion euros and employs more than 38,000 employees.

Source: Economic weeks