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Foundation of Great Investor defends itself against accusations of felt


dne HAMBURG / DÜSSELDORF. Member of Parliament Winfried Hermann patrons had previously assumed for Handelsblatt online a conflict of interest. The Foundation is run by the project operator ECE, which is involved in a consortium to build a real estate project in the area of the Stuttgart main station. It has "a highly elaborate, if a member of the government appeared to not have the distance to a real project participants, Hermann said, referring to the construction of" Stuttgart 21 ".

Foundation spokesman Rando Aust, said in a press release that he regretted that it was within the coverage of "Stuttgart 21" had been "numerous false allegations". Here, the Foundation had "never with the rail project and never dealt with it entirely independent of the development around the Milan’s place in Stuttgart. In the bodies of the Foundation were sitting both personalities who are concerned as well that that would have spoken out against Stuttgart 21, said the spokesman. Moreover, the Board members worked voluntarily and without charge, and are reluctant so from their work for the Foundation is no financial advantage. Friederike Beyer had since 2005 because of their involvement in Hamburg board member of the Foundation, Aust on. "Only in 2008 it has allied with former prime minister of Baden-Württemberg (Günther Oettinger)."

Environment Minister patrons had their step to rest the seat on the Board of Trustees, on the grounds that they "rest in the debate" should take. "There may even speculation, as they are now claimed to be disruptive," said a spokesman, pointing back at the same time the allegations as completely unfounded. will obviously now trying the credibility and reputation of the Minister to damage by speculative assumptions.

The Foundation, "Living City" was founded by ECE. But it was "legally separate and independent," said the Foundation spokesman. Board of Trustees seats no representative of the ECE in the other three bodies. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Alexander Otto, son of the ECE-founder and mail-order pioneer Werner Otto. The council are also the patron next to Stuttgart-21 architect Christoph Ingenhoven. The Executive Board of the Foundation also sits Friederike Beyer. Beyer is the partner of Günther Oettinger (CDU), former Prime Minister Stuttgart, now the EU industry commissioner.

Green politician Hermann said: "This is another example of the noodles and dumplings-Connection, as we know it from Baden-Württemberg. Lothar Späth to Stefan Mappus we see a large proximity to economic interests" It has "a Gschmäckle" when a member of the government appeared to not have the distance to a real project participants. "Such persons must demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest when they work simultaneously for a foundation that benefits from Stuttgart-21," he said.

Aust Foundation spokesman stressed the profit of the "living city". The goal is, "best-practice examples of vibrant cities to find, promote and introduce other cities," he said. Examples of scientific publications would be promoted, annually awarded a Prize Foundation, organizes events and provides targeted support exemplary projects. "So far, the" Living City "is a funding volume of around 30 million € for urban culture in Europe to date – including one for the illumination of Hamburg’s warehouse district and the Berlin Reichstag building, the artistic redesign of the Nikolai church in Leipzig and the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg as well as green design the Krupp Parks in food, "said Aust.

The arbitration in the dispute over the station project, meanwhile, threatens to fail: The opponents of the billion-building project, despite the cancellation of rail chief Ruediger Grube on a construction and contracting stop as a precondition for talks. "We also want the groundwater management is suspended," Reinhold Stocker of Action against Stuttgart 21 in Stuttgart said on Tuesday.

This pit had ruled on Monday evening explicitly. The foundation for regulating the ground water must be laid before the frost period, otherwise the construction is delayed up to six months. Each week in which not built and a building contract had been awarded, would cost 2.5 million euros.

In the evening, did the opponents of the 4.1 billion-euro rail project, providing for the laying of the underground railway station, meet with the mediator Heiner Geissler.

Other representatives of the Action Alliance will see the former CDU general secretary dismantled in the face of Grube’s perseverance. "I’m fed up by the disqualification of a mediator, proposed by the government side.’s Why we talk this evening with him myself," said the leader of the Greens in the local council, Werner Woelfle. Hannes Rock belly of the municipal group CDU (Stuttgart Ecological Social) invited to pit in the ARD, "not to make the (…) Rambo and to dismantle the Arbitrator Heiner Geissler.