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Fraport hopes of pay negotiations on a compromise


FRANKFURT (Thomson Financial) – Fraport AG, Frankfurt, is in its Compensation negotiations with airlines, despite the difficulties on a Compromise. If there is agreement on all sides will, we will also arrive at a workable consensus, "said spokesman Jürgen Harrer on Friday. But this movement set margins on all sides of the Ver-hand-ment partners ahead.
Airport operators and airlines want to come Friday a solution and come out about the charges on Frankfurt Airport for the years 2012 to 2015 some.
At the current state of negotiations with Fraport called Reference to confidentiality no details. Harrer, however, denied information Barig the association of airlines that the airport operator for 2012 to 2015, an increase of fees by a total of 20% I asked. "The number is in no way reflects the current Of negotiations contrary, the spokesman said. The current offer is like this "substantially removed".
Fraport also dismissed criticism of the Lufthansa Works back. The workers’ representatives of Germany’s largest Fraport airline had charged that the increase in charges Would jeopardize jobs. "This is utter humbug and to know the works of Lufthansa " Fraport spokesman said. The opposite was the case. Investments in the expansion of Frankfurt Airport, the existing would Secure jobs and create tens of thousands of new jobs.
Fraport is investing his other claims to being about 1 Billion per year in the modernization and expansion of the Operations facilities, including the extension. These investments are in – eng delivered by the airlines, agrees.
The as-created with additional Capacity of the airlines and their customers will ultimately benefit, as well as the competitiveness of the aviation facility Germany strengthened, "said Harrer. That’s right but also that each Investment of approximately 1 billion EUR 100 million per year additional expense mean for interest and depreciation for Fraport would. This file should include the expected traffic growth, additional airport charges, and by increased Retail revenues are earned.
The airline association had already Barig on Wednesday before a possible failure of the talks and warned of the consequences noted. The information required by Fraport of 20% would Competitiveness of the Frankfurt airport harm to inhibit the growth planned, Cost jobs and pull the whole region affected. For this Basic advocated by the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany for lower fees and a coupling of the charges to the expected growth.
Failure of the negotiations for the period 2012 2015, is also that of the opposing parties in December 2009 found Compromise of 2010 and 2011 in the balance. Because this is under the Caveat that airlines and airports to 19 February 2010 agree on the further development of the charges in 2015. At that time, a gradual increase in charges by 13.1% by the end of 2011 agreed been. If no agreement, the partners could Terminate the contract. Then Fraport increases the one-time charges by 1. April 2010 to 8.4%. Barig had on Wednesday also on the state of Negotiations expressed. The previous offer of negotiations by Fraport see a gradual increase in charges from 2012 to 2015 a total of 20% before. This was not acceptable from the perspective of the airlines, Secretary General Martin said Barig Gaebges. Frankfurt should from Standpoint of the airlines are the number 1 in Europe. This, however, go only if the companies where market-based and competitive conditions would be preserved. The Frankfurt airport is already significantly more expensive than European competitors. The current bargaining position would be the distance again significantly . zoom
Barig that exist only in Frankfurt from 2012 on again Growth opportunities for the airlines. For conservative design could receive up Transported 2015 over 25% more passengers. To this reach, would at Frankfurt billion in fleet Infrastructure investment. For this reason, the association model, calls for a fee, which recognizes that growth. If the airlines through higher Contribute to the prosperity of the airport growth would they should be rewarded by correspondingly cheaper charges said the Secretary-General.
Lufthansa had also rejected the offer of Fraport. Frankfurt count already one of the airports with the highest Location costs in Europe, said spokesman Peter Schneckenleitner. Nevertheless Germany’s biggest airline had the "painful" pay increase of more than 13% by 2012, agreed. The Request for an additional 20% percent pay increase for the fact following year and would Lufthansa could not afford it. "No Passengers will be willing to pay this, "said the spokesman continued.

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