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Gea is increasingly important for China


Gea-Vorstandschef Jürg Oleas sieht sein Unternehmen gut aufgestellt.  Quelle: dpa

Gea CEO Jürg Oleas sees his company well positioned. Source: AP

HB BOCHUM . "China’s share of sales increases continuously , " said CEO Jürg Oleas the business newspaper "Euro am Sonntag " . " We have come from the USA and Germany for 13 percent of the business, from China already has ten. China will therefore be our biggest money makers in the latest two years. " The caps in the index MDAX -listed group in the country would increase its production and its process know -how.

But even in Germany , the company plans that wants to move his seat in 2011 to Düsseldorf, the expansion of its capacity. "Germany remains , despite the growing importance of China for Gea a very important site . This applies particularly in terms of know – how of the engineers, " said Oleas . "Germany is the backbone of the group. Accordingly, we will continue to invest here . "

For the German mechanical engineering industry, the People’s Republic is already the largest foreign market. Despite the expected slowdown of the Chinese economic boom the country according to industry estimates still holds great opportunities. China has indicated that for the time being replaced Japan as the second largest economy in the world. In 15 years, could the Middle Kingdom as calculated by the World Bank meet even the USA ‘s leading economic power of the throne. 2007 China had replaced Germany as the then number three.

Competition from emerging fears of GeaCEO not. " Of course, manufacturers can build similar machines from emerging markets , "admitted one Oleas – for example, like centrifuges, as Gea to customers in the food industry Nestle, Unilever or deliver power .

"The knowledge of Gea is not limited to the mechanics of a centrifuge . We can tell customers how from any milk , so for example, cow or camel milk, a puncture resistance of yogurt is made , "said the manager. "The competition from these countries can not. That there are missing 20 to 30 years of experience. "

Oleas reaffirmed its interest in acquisitions. Discussions with potential acquisition targets , but stood just beginning. " The companies are , as in the past, primarily from mid-life industry, " said the CEO . He could draw on a well-filled treasury. "We have by early and successful refinancing measures now have access to extensive resources , others may lack . " Acquisitions in emerging markets were not provided .