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German bank was warned about raid – Süddeutsche Zeitung


DB-Zentrale Frankfurt1_Deutsche BankMUNICH (Dow Jones) – The German bank is one Newspaper report says in one of the largest economic criminal  currently pending in the Federal Republic, in advance before a Search action had been warned in their offices. This goes to Information from the " Sueddeutsche Zeitung "( Saturday edition ) from intercepted telephone conversations between employees of the financial institution out . (Photo : German Bank)

Several employees of the bank, due to the Tax is calculated on a grand scale , had on each other Evening of 27 April 2010 about plans for the next day and actually raid was informed. The investigative authorities  intercepted telephone calls , according to the German bank had a appropriate " tip " received .
Which was this safety tip is far not known. The Hessian Ministry of Justice confirmed on request, that the judiciary already because of an investigation of possible " I initiated the violation of professional secrecy . "
A spokesman for Deutsche Bank said they would expect that the information collected by the Prosecutor’s allegations against the Employees in the course of the proceedings would invalidate . The Bank has a prestigious law firm with an independent Study commissioned and this had been no evidence provided that supported the allegations of the prosecution . Otherwise The Bank cooperates fully with the investigating authorities.
The prosecution had Frankfurt on 28 April Germany 230 companies, banks and homes can browse , including  Offices of Deutsche Bank. An international swindler to the ring Trade in emission rights, on which the Bank was involved, Turnover have evaded.
But in the emission rights to emit carbon dioxide, acted with which the German bank, to the Treasury by 160 million EUR have been betrayed. The authorities have tried to deal with suspicious ensure firms EUR 700 million.
The spokesman of Deutsche Bank said: "The German Bank has the potential business partner for trade in Emission prior to the commencement of business relationship special review carried out and a considerable variety of customers rejected. "
Seven employees of the Bank , including an area leader, who  According to " Süddeutsche Zeitung " in the trade of carbon dioxide emissions  the alleged fraudster ring cooperates . The Attorney General Frankfurt suspicious bankers , according to a Memorandum of March even , " gang " to commit tax evasion have .
The German bank in 2009 was strengthened in the international ETS entered . They cooperated with this company , after  Investigators believe the suspect should have been immediately excited . It is  it to several small companies that had little equity, but Million sales achieved .

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